Simple Tips on How to Childproof Your Kitchen

Getting your kids involved in how food is prepared and even getting them involved in the preparation at a young age increases the chances that throughout their lives, they’ll make healthier choices. Doing so can also prevent them from being picky eaters.

Presenting your youngsters to the kitchen area and starting them young helps in developing abilities which will surely be helpful not just in their childhood days, but even way beyond that – not to mention that they’ll also be left with fond memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

However, before you even get to that point, it is important that as a parent, one of your main concerns is to create a welcoming and a safe place for you to educate your children about the kitchen. This is where you’ll be teaching food preparation, cooking, and of course, space where all of you can enjoy your meals. Here are some tips on how you can childproof your kitchen.

Get Rid of Sharp Edges

Bear in mind that as small children, their heads are most likely to bump in various edges as they are usually of the same height as your worktop or the handles of your cupboards. While newer kitchen designs may be all about those “edges” to make the kitchen look sleeker, you may want to consider stone worktops with rounded edges. You may also start investing in magnetic locks to some of the base units in your kitchen, and as an added precaution, always leave the dangerous products and items in those cabinets where kids aren’t most likely to reach them.

Ensuring Hot Areas are “Less Hot”

While it is true that being vigilant is still far more important than childproofing your home, don’t forget that there are always steps that you can do to keep your children away from hot areas like boiling kettles and hobs.

As a matter of fact, why not invest in an induction hob rather than the standard hob on the market? The way induction hobs work is that they are perfectly made to heat the pans and kettles – not the hob itself. This simply means that once you’ve finished the cooking, you can easily remove the pans and the hob will quickly be cooled down, safe enough in the event it is accidentally touched.

Build a Kiddie Cupboard

Keeping your kitchen safe doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t turn it into a place of learning. You can do both at the same time, and one of the best and easiest ways to do so is to build them a kiddie cupboard! Find some cupboards at a lower level where your kids can easily reach in and out. Fill them with equipment such as safe utensils and other materials that you will both use for food preparation and cooking. Don’t forget to add your child’s favourite plates, cups and utensils so they can set their own place at the table.

Have Fun!

More than anything else, keeping your kitchen child-friendly is also about making sure that you and your children are having fun! By making sure that your kitchen is childproofed, you no longer have to worry about other hazards and you can enjoy being with the company of your children.

Showing your kids that you’re relaxed in the kitchen area affects the kids long term. They feel that it’s a great place to be in, rather than a stressful place.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing food with your child, playing in the kitchen or dining with the entire family, make this room the heart of your home.


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