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Simple Ways You Can Plan a Classic and Beautiful Wedding

You can have a beautiful wedding without going overboard by following a few tips for keeping the event simple. Contrary to what many people think, keeping your wedding simple doesn’t necessarily mean keeping it cheap. You can still create a stylish and elegant wedding by following a few tips and tricks in planning the big day.

Have More Than One Dress

The wedding gown is something that you’ll use only once, but it may be something you want to pass down to a daughter in the future. You can protect the gown from damage if you have a change of clothes. After the wedding, quietly slip away to change into a different dress that you have previously chosen for the reception. This allows you to pick a dress that will allow you to be more flexible for dancing at the reception. You’ll also eliminate the risks that you’ll spill wine or cake on your wedding gown.

Be Frugal With Your Floral Arrangements

Another way to save on your wedding venue’s decor is to limit your use of fresh flowers. Although fresh flowers give off a vibrant scent, they won’t last long and that can make them a more frivolous expense. Instead, try to use the natural environment of your outdoor venue. Alternatively, you can mix fresh flowers with faux hydrangea to create beautiful floral arrangements that will be longer lasting. You can spritz faux floral arrangements with a floral perfume to add a pleasant scent to the bouquets. Your guests won’t know the difference between the fresh flowers and synthetic alternatives, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Add Personal Touches at a Discount

If you enjoy doing crafts, you can use your talent to create decor for your wedding reception rather than spending a fortune on pre-made items. For instance, you can create a beautiful sign-in station for your wedding guestbook with a piece of driftwood, some rope, and a wood burner. Add some glitter glue to give your sign a sparkle. Look for other ideas by cruising your local dollar stores, department stores, and hobby shops. You may be surprised to discover what you can create with supplies from these stores without spending very much money. You can also find streamers, balloons, candles, and other decorations at a lower cost by shopping in local department stores.

Keep Your Invite List Short

Keep in mind that each guest you add to your invite list will increase your catering costs. You can keep your overall wedding costs lower by limiting your guest list to the people you regularly talk to in your daily life. A good rule of thumb is to only invite guests who you have spoken to within the past two years. Keeping your wedding party smaller in this way can also save you in costs on the size of the wedding venue you’ll need and in the number of wedding invitations you will have to buy. A smaller guest list will also help you create a more memorable and more intimate experience for those you do invite.

Choose One Venue For Everything

You have plenty of choices in picking a venue for your wedding, and a good idea is to choose a venue that can be used for your wedding ceremony and reception. A good option is to consider hosting your wedding at a favorite restaurant. While this might seem like the more costly option upfront, it will actually save you money on having to provide dishware, cutlery, napkins, and other dining supplies. Having to buy these items separately can drain a large chunk of your wedding budget. Additionally, these are items you’ll likely use once and discard, making it an even more wasteful wedding expense. A restaurant that’s located in a nice area can also save you on decor if you decide to have the ceremony outside. Since restaurants are designed to provide pleasant dining experiences, many of the factors you would have to consider in choosing and decorating a venue will be taken care of for you.


You can get more ideas for creating a beautiful yet simple wedding by talking to other couples. Learning about the experiences that your friends have had in planning their weddings can give you some new and exciting ideas. The insight will also help you avoid common mistakes in creating your perfect wedding day.

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