Single Day Sales: Which Are the Most Spending Cities in China

Single Day Sales (also known as the Double 11 Festival) is a yearly e-commerce fiesta initially created by Tmall and Taobao (both subsidies of the Alibaba Group). Now major e-business platforms like and Pinduoduo joined the competition, making it the most spending day in China, and this year even globally.


November 11th is celebrated as the Single Day because it has four “1” in numeric form. However, people do not feel lonely on this day: they stay up still midnight just to rush in online stores for ridiculous discounts that are provided just for a limited period or number. Of course, the money people spend has a lot to do with their earnings. Typically, a city’s total consumption is also related to its economic level. So which cities are the most spending cities in China on Tmall’s Single Day sales, according to Tmall Big Data?

  1. Shanghai, 17.3 Billion RMB – As the most economically advanced city in China, and the closest consumption hub to Hangzhou, China’s e-commerce center, Shanghai is for sure the most spending city in China. This metropolis is home to over 24 million people. You won’t be surprise about its huge consumption even not for the dramatic buying day.

  2. Beijing, 13.8 Billion RMB – The capital city of the country, no doubt it enjoys huge advantages concerning economy and facility. You can certainly expect its 21.5 million people to spend that money on this day.

  3. Hangzhou, 8.22 Billion RMB – The heart of China’s electronic commerce, home to Alibaba. Inside the Zhejiang-Jiangsu-Shanghai free delivery zone, Hangzhou’s people rely a lot on online shopping all year around. Don’t forget its population is only 9.8 million.

  4. Guangzhou, 8.07 Billion RMB – With almost 15 million’s population plus a very strong economic base, Guangzhou has been known for high spending on discount days. The Cantonese (Guangzhou people) are famously clever in doing business. Its off-line business also receives a considerable growth during the Single Day sales period.

  5. Shenzhen, 7.92 Billion RMB – The creative center of China is also a big part of the consumption boom. Not only its 13 million regular residence, people live temporary in Shenzhen for work also contribute a lot to this economic miracle. Home to big tech giants like Huawei and Tencent, you can surely believe its mainstream consumer forces are among the strongest in China.

  6. Chengdu, 6.85 Billion RMB – We have talked enough about the more developed side of the country: capital city, southern and eastern coast cities. Let’s look at Chengdu, a city in Southwestern China, capital of Sichuan Province and neighbor of Chongqing. It’s one of the fastest developing cities in China, and one of the most diversified economic bodies too. It relies a lot on tourism, but its science and technology, such 5G, game development, mobile internet as well as its entertainment business are also blooming. Its authority is also one of the most encouraging in regard of investment and new technology adoption. Chengdu is the fifth fastest city to receive packages on the Single Day. This is huge when you consider it is a city far from the free-delivery zone we talked about. According to GoChengdu, an authoritative Chengdu information website, Chengdu is the top city in western China in the amount of consumption on the Single Day.


On the list, we can also see famous cities like Chongqing (5.79 Billion RMB), Suzhou (5.69 Billion RMB), Wuhan (5.37 Billion RMB) and Nanjing (5.12 Billion RMB). While the festival is largely a carnival for Chinese vendors, many foreign businesses also took a share. It might be a small slice of the cake of the Single Day Sales, but it could be huge for minor international business like bookdepository and smaller shops on Amazon. Foreign vendors and manufacturers could set their eyes on the Chinese market especially on big days, and could find a lot of chances of business growth.


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