Some Important Information on Class 9 Mathematics Preparation

Class 9 is a very important phase as the students start their board exam preparation from this standard. Mathematics is a vital part of every standard and many students have a natural phobia in this subject. As the board exam is not so far, the preparation should be started from the initial phase of the 9th standard’s season. The students have to take a special care for the Math. Firstly, make a blueprint of your Math preparation and then proceed according to your strategy. Science is a logical subject and Mathematics is based on highest number of logics. It is all about applying and implementing the concepts. So, it is of no use of learning one particular Math solution. In the exam, most of the questions generally designed with the different digits and patterns. You have to grab the concept, not the solution. After covering each and every concept, it is must to practice their related exercise questions.

Class 9 is generally regarded as the foundation of the board exam. So, you have to very particular about your preparation. The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Linear Equations In Two Variables is involved with the solution of the Linear Equations In Two Variables chapter’s exercise questions. The questions are based on the two variables (let, x and y) and you need to find out those variables’ values. The concept is very easy. Start the chapter by clearing the associated underlying concept and then move to the exercise questions. The questions of the initial section are easy to solve and the latter questions may need some extra logic. So, you should not move to the advanced level questions before solving the easier level.

The Preparation Strategy

Mathematics is all about practicing. The Arithmetic part is rich in concepts. You have to clear your basics for each and every concept. The Algebra part is based on different formulas and you have to memorize them perfectly in order to implement them in solving a question. The Geometry part is associated with concepts along with the drawing. The drawing should be flawless and so you have to practice them a lot. Mathematics requires a full concentration, so stay away from those things that can distract you from your practicing. Try to analyze every topic and practice a number of questions every day. Don’t forget to brush-up the previous chapters and make a habit of writing down the formulas on a regular interval. Mathematics is based on the crisp concept that means either you will get the full mark or nothing. But, sometimes the lengthy questions can be associated with step marking. Try to avoid the step jump as it can result in a mistake.

The cbse class 9 Maths chapter 4 is associated with the concept “Linear Equations In Two Variables”. The particular chapter is based on the concept in which the value of two variables should be found out from the given data. Sometimes, the associated questions can be tricky, so you should be careful during reading the data of the question. The concept is not so much difficult and you can easily score full mark in this particular topic.


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