Some key accessories that your closet must have this 2017

Accessorizing is vital to any piece of clothing that you own. It is these accessories that breathe life into stodgy outfits, making them feel more fresh and vibrant. However, choosing the right accessories can be the difference between a good outfit and a breathtaking outfit. Some of the best makeup artists are of the opinion that certain pieces of accessories are simply timeless and including them in your wardrobe this 2013 is an absolute must. Given below is a comprehensive list of some of the most essential accessories that must go straight to your closet this 2017.

  • Boots with fat buckles:

These sturdy ankle length boots can take a simple outfit notches higher and add a spunky twist. However, a row of huge buckles embellishing the surface of the boots can make you look effortlessly stylish. Mixing and matching has always been a successful trend. Therefore, experimenting with these boots by pairing them with a floral or a vintage outfit can lend a feminine touch to your entire look. If going feminine is not your style, you can pair them with tight leggings and a loose shirt, making you look like a punk princess.


  • The Monochrome look:

Women usually stick to the safest colour, black when it comes down to using a single shade for your entire outfit. While black is a classy colour, you must not be afraid to venture into the monochrome territory with other colours in mind. Besides adding some vibrancy to the otherwise boring look, this one tone outfit can also make you look and feel beautiful. However, the trick is to not overdo it. Experimenting with different textures is a good idea instead of sticking to just one type of material. It adds a novelty factor to your outfit.


  • Metallic sneakers:

For obvious reasons, you cannot really don a metallic shirt or pant without ending up being a laughing stock among people. Therefore, it is best to let the sneakers take over the metallic effect. These sneakers are perfect for a fun day or night out and they have the ability to draw attention towards them. However, striking a balance is crucial. If you decide on wearing the metallic sneakers, you must tone down the colours of your outfit and keep them as dull as possible to avoid looking gaudy.


  • Digi-printed shirts:

When consulting with makeup artists, it is always advisable to tone down the makeup when wearing a digi-printed shirt. These shirts are gaining immense popularity with blouses with quirky designs and pop colours. These seem more futuristic and because of the presence of the loud colours, it is best to keep the other elements, like the pants, shoes and makeup to a minimum.


  • Box shaped clutch bag:

Carrying bulky handbags is a thing of the past. Rummaging through these bags to find essential items makes it a daunting task. Instead, this compact yet spacious box clutch bag is ideal to keep essential products like your compact and lip gloss without having to spend hours searching for them. Besides, it is extremely easy to carry the clutch around without absolutely any hassles.


  • Chunky gold neck pieces:

If you wish to make a fashion statement, the chunky gold necklace is your best friend. Team it with a simple t-shirt or a jumper and it will add oodles of style to your otherwise plain outfit. It lends a clean yet pop look to your outfit and is something that your closet must boast of this year.


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