Sparkling up your home with kids

Sometimes, cleaning becomes a very challenging task especially when you have children with you. If these children are toddlers then they might be holding your leg or hanging on your hips. It is also possible that they are following you and crying all the time. In such situations, sparkling up the counters and mopping up the floors is really not possible. Obviously, time is valuable for all of us and all of us are playing a significant role at our houses for example, some of us are playing as mothers while others are playing as nanny. For this reason, we need to give the major part of our time to our responsibilities like to our children or our family. You must know the quick tips and tricks of home cleaning. If you are making use of the quickest ways then it will really help you out in saving the great deal of time. This saved time can be then given to the family members and for relaxing as well. Following are the few tips that can help you in performing your job in time.

Use natural ways

Making use of strong chemicals every other day all around your house for cleaning your counter tops and floors is not something healthy. It is better that you must make use of natural home made products so that it can be healthy for you and your family. The home-made natural products are not only good for health but are also affordable. Obviously, these are not very expensive as these are normally made by using the products that are normally available at home all the time. For example, you can make use of grapefruit with salt for scrubbing purpose. This mixture can be used to scrub different surfaces like stovetops, bath tubs and counter tops. This cleaning home remedy can be used to cut off rings of dirt and thick grime that is deposited around the showers, taps and in the corners. It is very effective and easy method as compared to the other labour intensive alternatives. Another example is the natural drainers that we can use instead of chemical based drainers. This can be simply done by using baking soda along with boiling water and then vinegar. This will do wonders for you and you will have a running drainage system without any bad odour. Another tip is to use lemons to deal with the harsh and stubborn stains by just simply wiping and rinsing off.

Speed up yourself

Instead of planning for taking out an entire day for home cleaning, it is better to dedicate few minutes daily for this job. This is because it is really an impossible thing to get a complete day free for this purpose especially when you are living with kids. Things are really unpredictable with kids and you cannot plan things this way. So, you must daily spare some time for performing such daunting tasks. This practice will definitely help you out in simplifying the daunting tasks before the week is over. It is also a good thing to make a schedule for cleaning in which you assign a particular duty to yourself everyday so that home cleaning becomes simple and easy.

Turn it into a fun activity

You can turn this challenging job into a fun activity by involving all the family members with you. This involvement will not only save your time but will also make it a fun filled and creative job. You can also switch on music for your relaxation.


Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has got many published articles on various topics such as cleaning, organizing, home and garden etc.

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