Stainless Steel Sheets Metal and Its Various Uses

Since the discovery of stainless steel, it has been one of the most used metals in construction and in industries. Also known as Inox steel in metallurgy, this type of steel is known for its resistance to corrosion. This is why it is widely used in making cutlery, cookware, and surgical instruments and at large by the food handling industry. Generally stainless steel sheet metal is used wherever corrosion and oxidation might become problematic.

Stainless Steel And Its Uses

If you are looking for a simple definition of stainless steel, the name refers to ferrous alloys which have a minimum of 12% of chromium for corrosion resistance. More than 50 years ago, it was discovered that when chromium is at a minimum of 12%, it imparts oxidation and corrosion resistance to the steel. This is how stainless steel came to be. The discovery of this metal meant a lot for the growth of the technological world as it made it easier to improve power generating and chemical processing systems.

Some of the most common uses of stainless steel can be found in the medicine, energy, transportation, construction and the architectural industry. In construction, its strength and resistant nature makes it useful in cladding the exteriors of high impact buildings. It might also be used in interiors of buildings as counter tops, handrails etc. Stainless steel has a subtle and sophisticated finish and is extremely low maintenance. In the transportation industry, it is used in making trim, grills, and exhaust systems. Recently, it is also being used to make structural components. Equipment made of stainless steel sheet metal is also suitable for hygienic spaces and are thus used in the medical industry. Its resistance to corrosion and easy sterilization makes it possible to be used to make surgical tools.

stainless steel sheet metal

What Are Steel Sheets?

Metal sheets can be made of several different metals, one of which is stainless steel. Plates or sheets made of stainless steel differ a lot from the regular and standardized carbon steel. These are metal sheets which have a thickness of up to 6 mm. When the sheets are thicker than 6 mm, they are known as stainless steel plates. When low maintenance metal, resistant to corrosion is required, these steel plates or sheets are the best choice. These are usually used in a number of different applications and industries. They are also available in many different types, each of which has a distinct quality, look, and finish.

Uses of Stainless Steel Sheets

Due to its many advantageous qualities, stainless steel sheet metal has many uses. Some of them have been discussed below:

  • Stainless steel sheets are popularly used in decorative and constructional structures. In buildings, you will find them being used in escalators, elevator doors, revolving doors etc. It might also be used for adding ornamental and decorative elements in to grand structures.
  • These are also used for constructing process equipment that is used for the manufacture of other products. For example, stainless steel sheets are used in assembly line machinery in factories, Ute trays and tanks.
  • Lastly, it also finds versatility of use in many consumer products such as kitchen appliances, counter tops etc. In the medical industry, it is used for sterile equipment.

This type of metal is available in many types and grades which is chosen according to the purpose. For instance, there is low carbon grade, high carbon grade, and straight grade, martensitic and ferritic grade. A new super alloy grade has also been manufactured which is used in structures which are made to with stand harsh and destructive attacks. These are more expensive than the other grades and are not found as easily.

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