Styling Tips for a Cosy Conservatory

Conservatories are used for a variety of things. Socialising, working, and relaxing to name just a few. It’s always nice to make your conservatory a little bit cosy, so take these styling tips on board to help you:

Use Lots of Texture

If you want your conservatory to feel more cosy, you need to make sure you use lots of texture. Texture is the key to making any part of the home feel more cosy. Make sure you include faux fur, suede, and any other textures that give you that cosy feeling. Also, don’t be afraid to adorn it with lots of throws and pillows. The more texture you can include, the better! If you’re not sure how to do it, read a tutorial on it. It’s really easy and you’ll love the effect it has on your home!

Make it an Extension of Your Home

Make the conservatory an extension of your home. You can do this by including similar decor and colours. Use wallpaper and other things to decorate and make it feel like any other area in your home. It doesn’t need to be a carbon copy of your living room, but you should make sure it flows nicely with similar decor and techniques.

Try Bringing the Outdoors in

Some people find the outdoors relaxing and that it helps them to feel more tranquil, so why not try bringing the outdoors in? You could include lots of nice, natural colours in the conservatory such as brown, green, and blue. Make sure you have lots of nice plants in there too, as these can not only look great but actually be helpful to our health! If you usually feel at your most relaxed in the great outdoors, this is a great idea.


Liven it Up with Pattern and Accessories

If you want your conservatory to have a little personality, then liven it up with patterns and accessories. Do this with wallpaper, or simply include pattern using your cushions and throws. You should also have accessories such as candles, ornaments, etc. You can have a cosy yet funky conservatory – there are no rules! Pinterest can give you some amazing ideas if you’re stuck.

Make Statements with Furniture

Make a bit of a statement with your conservatory furniture too. You want it to be comfortable first, and stylish second; so bear that in mind. You can get all kinds of weird and wonderful shaped furniture these days! This is a really fun way to create a fun yet cosy conservatory space. Your furniture doesn’t have to be matching, and it can actually look much better when it doesn’t. Have fun with it.

Use these styling tips when decorating your conservatory and you’ll be so glad you did. You don’t want yours to feel cold and empty like many standard conservatories do. Fill it with fun patterns and lots of texture to get the most out of it. Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts and ideas below either. Bye for now!


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