Stylish Frames: How to Feel Confident When You Wear Glasses

Many people really try to avoid wearing glasses. There’s a certain stigma that society places on glasses. Perhaps it’s because glasses serve as a physical reminder that your eyes need assistance. However, this stigma is a mental decision. There are plenty of people who look amazing with their glasses on. There are a few tricks to feeling confident when you wear your glasses. Consider these four tips in order to change your experience.

1. Pick Out Frames with the Right Shape

When you take a look at the spectacles on the market, you’ll quickly learn that you’ll have to try on different frames to see which ones work well on your face. The best way to tackle this experience involves going to the eyeglasses boutique or a vision center like All About Eyes to physically try on frames. See what shapes you like the most and take note of it for the future. This helps you also because if you want to shop online for eye wear, you’ll already have an idea of what shapes work well.

2. Choose a Complementary Color

It’s a good idea to choose colors that work well with your skin tone and your hair color. Complementary colors can make a world of difference when you’re looking to enhance your overall appearance. Try out some reds, blues and blacks, but don’t be afraid to look at some of the more flamboyant colors as well.

If you’re a blonde, then going with black or some other darker bold color might be best for you. However, if your hair is black, then you might want to try for brighter and lighter colors. However, it’s not all about matching your glasses to your hair color. You’ve got to think about your clothes as well. If your clothes tend to be darker, then you should try for lighter glasses and vice versa. Basically, you want your glasses to be the star of your personal fashion show.

3. Take Notes from People Who Currently Wear Frames

If you’re having a hard time with the concept of wearing glasses, start to pay more attention to people who currently wear glasses. Look at pictures of people who you think are beautiful that wear glasses. In a lot of cases, it’s all about your perception. Go to Google and do a search to see which of your favorite celebrities who may share your same face shape and wear glasses. This can help you psychologically change your perception of glasses and you’ll begin to feel differently about the process.

4. Change Your Mindset

Everything you do in life is a choice. You can choose to wear your hair a certain way and decide where you’d like to live. It’s also a choice to wear your glasses. Even though it wouldn’t be wise, you don’t have to wear glasses. However, it’s also a choice to like them. You’ll need to change your mindset and decide to make the best of this new experience. You’ll have to decide that you’re going to look amazing with glasses on. As soon as you change your mindset, everything will change. You’ll exude confidence and people will become attracted to this.

You’re not alone in your need to wear glasses. As many people get older, the need for glasses usually arises at some point. Whether the glasses are needed for reading, driving or everyday activities, glasses are not an uncommon fad. Before long, you’ll get used to them and love how they add to your overall appearance.

Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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