Superb Combination of Colours for Wedding Salwar Kameez

One can never stop from getting excited when their wedding is just a few weeks ahead. Especially women feel it so special to start her new life in someone’s home. With all these emotional back end, women will be secretly wishing to get the best looks for her wedding. The first important thing when all the preparations of marriage starts is shopping for clothes for everyone. And when everyone buys trendy celebratious dresses, the bridal attire needs to be given a great attention by everyone. There will be your friends, relatives, cousins along with you when you go for shopping Indian wedding dresses online or from  showroom. All of them will be having different tastes. They may like different colours, designs and styles.

You have to stick onto your desires and you might have already checked online what to buy and what to wear for reception and muhurtham and researched well before shopping online. Compared to all the dresses like sarees, lehenga and salwar kameez, wedding salwar kameez is the best attire. It will keep you so much tranquil at the busiest day of your life. It is also easy to wear as it takes just a few minutes to wear upon your body unlike sarees which needs the skill to wear it perfectly and also takes hours to drape it itself. Not just this thing, there are many stuff to consider before to plan to go for salwar kameez over wedding sarees.

After knowing different styles of wedding salwar suits, different accessories to wear along with them, you also should look for the dress which enhances your natural look. For this the best combination of colours is a must. Check here for the most gorgeous colour combinations which will brighten up your bridal look for sure. You can even mix match them but be careful about the odd combinations which instead of getting the best look, make your attire look awkward.

Contemporary red and white combination

 Both red and white are universal colours. White is a colour of peace and it makes the environment of your wedding blossom. And at the same time red brightens up your surroundings. These two colours when combined together gives a magical appearance. Along with the brightness they also bring the chic appearance for you at the wedding. You can go for embroidered red kameez with white or off white salwar. Red and white Anarkali salwar suits also gives the best ever appeal. Both silk and georgette goes well for a salwar kameez which is in white and red combination.

Classy yellow with olive green

Being two brightest colours among many, yellow and olive green gets the greatest look ever. Wedding salwar kameez which is in olive green and yellow enhances your looks. You can use gold jewels with the dress. If you have wheatish complexioned skin tone, this dress is the best choice. Olive green can be used for kameez and yellow salwar and yellow dupatta with thin fabric completes the outfit. Dotted pants and dupatta look gorgeous than a plain one. Patiala suit with this mild colour combination is perfect for the reception evening.

Awesome maroon with black

You will get the prettiest look with this universal combination of black and maroon. You may have doubt about this combination as both of them are darker shades. But though they are of darker shades, you will get the most loved combination when they are mixed together. If you have a fair skin tone, never check for any other coloured salwar suits. Just go for a salwar kameez or Anarkali suit with maroon top and black thread work upon it. The embroidery work can even be done using golden or silver threads to give it a royal look.

Amazing combination of magenta and royal blue

Magenta looks more like pink but it is totally different from that in real. And both magenta and royal blue are the rich appealing colours you can ever see. And they are the colours which look as if they are made for ceremonial events because of the luxurious appeal they offer. High collared kameez which is in magenta colour and has a collar line made of royal blue stripe and embroidered neck line, this is what is a real bridal wedding salwar kameez. Ask your designer to be free while stitching your wedding suit with magenta and royal blue as however they are combined,it gives rise to more prettier combinations.

Beige and blue combination

This is an ultimate combination of light and dark colours. Both beige and blue are the most preferred colours in the fashion world. When they are alone they may look so much dull but when both of them  are combined together a lovely outlook can be obtained. Heavy embroidery works done over a blue salwar kameez with beige coloured threads get a most dazzling dress ever. You must try this outfit for reception evening as it look so much glamorous in the shining lights all around you.

Peach and dark pink colour combination

Both peach and dark pink are different shades of the same colour pink. But they both make the best combination together. Peach and pink are the favourite colours for many women. And why should you miss out this favoured one if you are also a pink lover. But too much of the same colour may look awkward too. Be clever to get your dress blended properly by the designers and get the design works done by some other coloured threads and beads like white, golden, black, maroon or red.

Different shades of green with pink

Green brings the life at the venue. You will also look gracious upon green dresses on your wedding day. There are many shades of green like light green, olive green, aqua green, dark green and much more. Any shade of green with pink gets the embellished combination for your outfit. You can check for this combination of wedding salwar suits while shopping. Lighter shade of green can be paired with dark shaded green and reverse combination also works very well.

There are many more lovely colours in the fashion world and they will be always getting blended with new ones and giving birth to many new colours. To go according to the trend you must be well aware of the unique colours and be bold enough to go for them at different times. Along with all these colours never miss to choose perfect accessories as well because without them the bridal look will never get completed.


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