The Best Skin Care Routine to Give you Younger Looking Skin

As I am writing, models are probably stomping down the catwalk for London Fashion Week, which as we all know came right after New York Fashion Week. Looking at the behind the scenes and catwalk pictures, I start to do a mental checklist of what is in and what is out in the beauty world and for a split second, I catch myself thinking how beautiful and pore free these models are. Of course, it helps that most of them just have super human DNA and are enviably young. That’s when I realized, you know what beauty trend always stays while everything else comes and goes? Beautiful, youthful and glowing skin.

Most people will argue that great skin just really all boils down to genetics but what about those of us mere mortals who have to deal with oily, or dry or troubled skin? In this article, I will discuss to you the best skin care routine to give you younger looking skin.

Now the following routine may appear to be tedious at first but let’s get real, wouldn’t you go through the fires of hell just to have great skin? This routine has its origins from Korea and is even recommended by Charlotte Cho of SokoGlam. It is the 10 step skin care routine.

We start off with proper cleansing. Most of us probably cake makeup on to hide our tiny imperfections during the day time, so it is imperative that we remove our makeup first using some cleansing wipes or even cleansing oil, it’s your call. The next part is well, more cleansing. This time with a cleansing foam or any facial wash that you favor.

The next step is exfoliating. I know this step often sounds scary because of how harsh exfoliation can be, but the key is to focus on the parts which need it more such as the areas that have larger pores or have more blackheads.

You then follow up the previous step with some toner. Some people even believe that applying toner is kind of like the last step in the cleansing portion. It is advised to use a toner that is more hydrating and not alcohol based as the latter can be drying and harsh on the skin.

This is followed by the application of the essence and ampoule respectively. I specifically mentioned the two of these together because most people don’t really know what they are and can’t differentiate the two. They actually kind of work together with the essence working deep into the skin to ensure a higher turnover rate while ampoules usually offer a sort of boost to the skin since it is more concentrated.

The next step is my personal favorite, the sheet mask. Though be warned that though this stuff makes your skin great, it does, however, make you look funny upon application. It is advised that this be used only 2-3 times a week. On these off days, you have the option to use other masks that focus on specific parts of the face such as under the eye masks and lips masks.

The next part is arguably the most popular step when it comes to anti-aging skincare and that is an eye cream. What most people don’t know is that the best way to apply eye cream is to pat the product on to the area as opposed to tugging on your skin which may cause sagging skin in the long run.

The second to the last step is the moisturizer. There is really no need to explain how much we all need good moisturizer in all of our daily skin care routines, yes even those that have oily skin need it too!

And finally, we reach our last stop. The very last step to the 10 step routine is night cream or a sleeping pack. This is important since it acts to sort of lock all of the previous products in. Admittedly when you first try this, you may be put off by how much product is in your face but don’t fret since this is actually a good thing. What is important is that your skin is completely and fully hydrated all throughout the night.

It is possible that naysayers will say that this is a whole lot of work for a whole lot of nothing but believe me it works! For women that have been using this routine for a long time, it doesn’t even take up more than 15 to 20 minutes of their night and that sounds to me like an incredibly small price to pay just so that one could wake up with great skin. I personally like to think of it as great way to treat myself after having had a very long and exhausting day at the office and don’t you deserve that as well?


Meighan Sembrano

Meighan Sembrano is an author at Consumer Health Digest. She is a social worker who spends her time searching about health, beauty and lifestyles fitness related articles.

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