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The Rise Of An Ordinary Man – Gurbaksh Chahal

A very well said quote postulates that “Success focuses on the six D’s: Desire, Determination, Discipline, Devotion, Dedication, and Destiny.” And the ones who are blessed with all these qualities are the people who rule the world and live on their terms.

These kinds of people are very few who write their own destiny and rise like a sun to give shine to others also. One such individual is Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, who used to be an ordinary man from an average family. But, now, he is an icon. The journey of this man has not been simple. However, with his devotion, dedication, desire and determination, he achieved the great heights of success that people do not even dare to dream.


Gurbaksh Chahal was a child from Punjab State of India, who was brought to the US when he was not even thoughtful enough to know what would it mean to shift to a different country altogether. He was merely four when his parents decided to migrate to the United States. Being the youngest in the family of four kids, Gurbaksh was unaware of the destiny that lay ahead of him. When he was enrolled in a school in San Jose, California, he was very young. He faced discrimination in his school along with his other siblings. He developed a sense of loneliness and started to stay away from most of the students. Gradually, he began to avoid going to classes when he was in high school. At a teenage of 16 years, while other kids concentrated on their studies and made friends, he was a loner and as a result, he quit the schooling.

The dreams of his parents were shattered as they wanted to see him as a doctor or an engineer when he grew up. But, Gurbaksh had other plans and destiny supported him. By this age, Gurbaksh had a good exposure of internet advertisements as well as share market. So, he pioneered his online ad agency. His office was his bedroom, while his employees were his efforts, his mind, and dreams in his eyes. This company that he started from a room became popular as ClickAgents later.

He left his house when he was 18 years old. He wanted to become independent and show the world that anything can be achieved through dedication and strong determination.

ClickAgents was a very lucrative venture for Gurbaksh and got him a large amount of $40 million, which was not a small amount. Rather than spending the money on a lavish lifestyle, he invested this money in one more venture. This venture was in partnership with Krishna Subramanian, and they both named it “BlueLithium.”

BlueLithium was a company that created history in the market of online advertising industry. This company pioneered a new technology that tracked the response of an online user whenever an ad was displayed on his screen. This behavior tracking system was a huge success. It was used by the advertisers to optimize their ads based on the reaction of the online visitor for a particular advertisement.

This technology created a sensation amongst all technical giants. Yahoo successfully bought this company and the technology for an enormous amount of $ 300 million from the Chahal. This was the time when Chahal bought a Penthouse and a Lamborghini.

And this was not the end.  Gurbaksh Singh Chahal established two more companies. He also started working on a book to inspire the young nation. This book was a bestseller known as “The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions” and it came out as an enthralling success that created excitement amongst his fans and followers. He wrote about his life as an ordinary man and after all the bullying in school, how he decided to move forward and be a winner. This book has some great advice for the new entrepreneurs.

Gurbaksh’s fourth company is Gravity 4. It is again an online ad company with offices in more than 21 countries. The company has 1000+ employees as its workforce around the world. This ad network is earning huge profits every year.

At the peak of his career, when other youngsters forget other people and focus on themselves, Gurbaksh decided to contribute his share of success with the society. In fact, he kept his family intact and involved them in his businesses. He also opened a restaurant with his brother, but unfortunately, it did not work.

As for society, he developed a foundation that was based on the principle of establishing a peaceful society where people can live together happily, without any fear or terror. This organization is famous by the name “Chahal Foundation.” The primary aim of the Gurbaksh Chahal Nonprofit Organization is to spread the awareness about child education and provide educational and other schooling facilities to poor people from developing countries. Gurbaksh firmly believes in the slogan “education is the fundamental right of every child,” and encourages the eminent personalities of the world to support child’s education campaign. He has also commenced various mentorship and scholarship programs for the students from the unprivileged families and communities. The Chahal Foundation is also working towards the betterment of society through its strive against various crimes such as child trafficking, women sex trafficking, hate crimes, child labor, etc. Chahal is doing everything in his vicinity to help and support the needy people. He also contributes a lot towards disaster relief.

Chahal also owes G4 Holdings Worldwide, a corporation with its presence all across the Globe. His previous internet ad firm Gravity4 is a division of G4 Worldwide. Along with Gravity4, G4 Natural Resources and G4 Pharmaceuticals are also its subsidiaries. This corporation is diversified in sectors such as media, pharmaceuticals, natural resources, software, internet ad network and many more. The chief objective of the G4 Holdings Worldwide is to provide affordable products, solutions, and services to the different communities across the world.

Gurbaksh believes that if we all put some efforts towards the improvement of society and global economic, we can achieve great success globally. In fact, every venture of his, whether BlueLithim, or G4 Holdings Worldwide, Chahal Foundation or G4 Pharmaceuticals, in some way or the other, is promoting several great causes worldwide, for the enhancement of society.

Other than these ventures, Gurbaksh also has a taste for writing inspirational quotes. He gives the words of wisdom to his fans occasionally, through his posts and social media statuses. These words are an outcome of his hard work and vast experience. He advises his fans and young nation to be happy and do everything to fulfill their dreams. He is present on YouTube and shares his knowledge through his videos. He also appeared in many reality shows and interviews on TV. He became a famous personality because of his successful and incredible journey.

At the pinnacle of his career, Gurbaksh has shown to the world that what success actually means. He has soared not only financially, but also substantially. For he has dreamed of a fearless world, with happiness and prosperity all around, at some levels he managed to achieve his aspirations regarding a better world and a better society.


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