The successful beast of Samsung: Galaxy Note 6

It is now time to start off with the Galaxy Note 6 after the so many successful modely to the company. The Note series has been yet another successful series for the company, and has helped it grow in many ways. However, with the Note 6, Samsung aims at giving its users the best, and making sure to conceptualize something very different, which is not just a hi-fi technology, but also an amazing experience.

So, the eulogies for this phone based upon its rumors though will never end. Instead of making me speak so much in praise of the phone, have a look for yourself and I am sure you will not stop either.

A 4200 mAh Battery, with features for the camera including 3D, image stabilization and also auto focus, the front camera for this phone is going to be a whooping 30 MP while the rear camera will be 7 MP. Well, for times like today’s, this is how the camera alignment should be like. The phone is likely to be available in black and white colors; with an in built memory ranging from 16 GB to a 256 GB one. The Android version for the Galaxy Note 6 would be the current 2016 Android Operating System during the time of release. The processor for the Galaxy Note 6 is to be a Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 ghz processor. Screen display would be 6” – 6.2” and not to forget the 4K screen display with at least 800 ppi. Other features include those such as Barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, SPO2 and thermometer.

Next comes what would the price for this phone be. Well, with such features on board, we really can expect no mercy. The phone is expected to be priced at 1100 USD, yes a 1100, you read it right. So much it has to offer and so does its price have to take!

The Samsung Note 6 is expected to be ready to hit the markets by September October next year. So, there is a lot more that the company can still incorporate, or already has because there ain’t so much time for changes either. What’s fixed, is fixed! It is quite in wait with ipad air 4 too.

But these are rumors and so we really have quite a long wait until final specs and the phone all set for sale! The final wait has begun, and the countdown will start too.

This one phone will be a revolutionary one for sure. There is a lot more to this than just the camera and the outlook. This Galaxy Note will be the grand one in the series. The concept of all in one, will be totally complied with and this will be the best of all in every possible way!

A perfect set of features, and probably an amazing concept. Unless we see it in the stores, all we can do is imagine how fast and how smooth will the user interface for this one be!


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