The Various E-Liquid Flavors On The Market

E-cigs are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular over the past few years. Although there’s aren’t long-term studies to confirm their safety just yet, the findings of short-term studies look promising enough to make many smokers quit tobacco cigarettes in favor of vaping. E-cigarettes have several advantages that make them a very interesting choice. One of these advantages is the wide range of e-liquid flavors available on the market.

First of all, if you miss your good old tobacco cigarettes, you should know that you can find e-liquids having the flavor of the most popular cigarette brands out there. You can have your Marlboro or Camel flavor without needing to inhale all the toxic compounds in the smoke. All you need is to find a good e-juice that has this particular flavor, and you can enjoy it without the health risks associated with tobacco cigarettes smoking.

The other category of e-liquid flavors is the one that caters to those who dare to try new things. You can have vanilla flavored e-juice, or you can choose your favorite sweet such as tiramisu and ice cream. These flavors appeal to women, but there are also enough men who appreciate them. E-juice manufacturers have taken advantage of this opportunity by creating an unbelievably wide range of such flavors. In addition, they’ve also included the menthol flavor in their product range. This is something menthol cigarettes smokers are very happy about, hence the huge popularity of mint-flavored e-liquids.

ejuice flavours

Last but not least, there’s a wide array of fruit flavors, available from most major e-liquid brands. From pineapple to strawberries, sour cherries and mango, all fruits are very well represented in the e-juice world. There are also some intriguing combinations of two or more fruits, for those who want to try something new every now and then. All big names in this industry have dozens of options available for their clients to experience.

All these being said, it’s worth mentioning that all these choices of flavors are available in various nicotine concentrations. You can start by buying your favorite e-liquid flavor in the highest nicotine concentration, and then work your way down to the zero nicotine content. This is one of the most convenient ways to quit smoking without having to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Once you are free from this addiction, you can choose to vape for as long as you like, without having anything to fear anymore. Besides, you can always try new flavors, to see which ones are the best. The market offer is extremely generous in terms of available e-liquid flavors, so you may need years or even decades of vaping, in order to be able to try them all.

The only thing you need to take into consideration when buying supplies for your electronic cigarettes is the quality of your e-liquid. Remember that you inhale fumes and bad vapour can harm your lungs and body. ┬áThis is why you should avoid buying your supplies from no-name manufacturers or shady websites without contact details and clear policies. Always stick to reputable shops, and you’re going to be on the safe side.

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