Things To Know About The Tankless Water Heater Sizes?

In the midst of a cold environment, tankless water heaters are the superhero of many people all around the world. It is capable of giving you hot water immediately depending on your needs and demands. Thus, this superhero can save you more if you know the exact size that you and your whole family need.

Why aim for the right size of a water heater? The first reason, it will meet your water supply expectations. Another reason, it will run more efficiently if you chose the correct size. In our market today, you will see different sizes of tankless water heaters.

Because of this, it makes you think what you should buy? Or, what suits you? Let me give you some idea about this. So, if your apartment is like a studio-type, you will need an estimation of four to five GPM units. If a house has two bathrooms or more than that, more or less you need 6 to 8 GPM unit. But, if you are living in a larger home, you have the best option to install multiple tankless units in the similar area.

The tankless water heaters can be rated by the maximum temperature increase possible at a particular flow rate. So, it means that for you to distinguish the size of the water heater perfect for your needs, you need to find out the flow rate and the temperature rise in your house. Never buy a heater without considering the following things below:

  1. The Number of Devices: Determining how many devices you want to run will keep you prepared ahead of time. It will ensure you that you will not run out of hot water and it will meet the water needs of your family. Once decided for the number of devices, add up their flow rates which are gallons per minute. Whatever result you will get, that is your desired flow rate for the demand water heater.
  2. Determine Temperature Rise: To obtain the temperature rise just subtract the incoming water temperature from the wanted output temperature. There are different cases in determining the temperature. Like for example, if you are living in a warm environment, most likely water will heat around 105-115 degrees.
  3. Estimating The Cost: On this part, you need to assume and calculate how many gallons of water you need. For example, if you have two running showers at the same given time, you can consider that you need 5 gallons of hot water per minute from the tankless water heater. The same principle, if you have a washing machine and a shower at the same time, most likely it will require you 4.5 gallons to sustain both devices.

Another thing to consider is the number of people living in your home and the time of the day that most people in your house use hot water if it is morning, noon or evening.

These water heaters become famous for many reasons. They are well-known to be more energy efficient unlike the other kinds of a water heater. It requires less physical space as they don’t have a heavy storage tank, and most of all this is a great investment. Tankless water heaters are made high-quality and a guaranteed longer lasting product.

So, if you are planning to purchase tankless water heaters do not forget to consider the following things mentioned above. Check first also tankless water heater reviews on the internet to get the best deals. Incorrect size of tankless water heater will cause a huge problem in the long run. So make sure, you chose the exact size for you.


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