Tips for writing a perfect SEO Based Blog

To be a perfect writer, you must be passionate about writing and you must know the way to write a blog perfectly. The content your write should be appropriate and informative to the readers. As a writer, you must know how to play with words and how to write a magical content. If people would like your content and writing skills, they use to share it with other people that in turn increase your rankings. If you are writing some blog so as to promote any particular business, you must know how to write an SEO friendly blog perfectly. If you are running a business and want to increase ranking in Search engine, avail services from SEO services India.

Tips that you must know to write SEO friendly blog:

  • Think well before writing:

Before you start writing, you must know what you are writing about. What type of information you want to deliver to your readers and what is the purpose of writing this blog. So, it is good to think twice or thrice before writing a blog.

  • Plan the writing structure of blog:

If you do prepare a writing structure for your blog in advance, then your time to think about structure while writing won’t be wasted. Plan a structure like what you will be writing in the intro part of blog, what all you are going to cover in the body part of blog and how would you conclude the blog.

  • Use paragraphs:

To make the blog interesting, try to use more paragraphs in the blog because reading continuous content might look boring to read. Therefore, using paragraphs is a good practice.

  • Use headings and subheadings:

If you use headings and subheadings in the blog, it will make easy for the readers to understand what the blog is all about. Even, the benfit of using headings and subheadings is that Google might grasp the topic easily in the search engine results. So, it makes easy to make your content visible in the search engines.


  • Let your blog review by some SEO specialist:

Before posting or publishing your post, make sure that it is reviewed by someone else who is good at reviewing the blogs. Try to get it reviewed from SEO specialist too so as to review whether the content written follows the SEO guidelines or not. SEO services India may help you in providing an SEO specialist.

  • Keep the length of blog optimized:

Before writing a blog, it is to ensure that the length of blog should be optimized i.e. not atleast less than 300 words. Google usually gives preference to the lengthy articles, but do not make them too lengthy that it loses interest of readers from your blog. Also, amke sure that the keyword density should be around 1-2% of the total number of words in the content.

  • Add links to previously written content:

If you have written some content related to the blog you are writing, don’t forget to mention its link in the current blog. It looks not only relevant to the readers, but also helpful for increasing your ranking on the Google.

  • Add metatags and short summary:

It is a good practice to add a short description or summary in the blog that describes the information provided in the blog so that when someone searches for that information on the Google, Google would find your blog and your blog would be on top search engine results.

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