Tips to Choose the Right Kind of Office Workstation

When companies look for furnishing the office space, the primary question that comes into consideration is the type of workstation that should be provided to the employees. The variety of workstations available in the market is pretty deep. Hence, discretion should be used to make the right kind of choice. Some of the factors that play a vital role in selecting the right kind of workstation are:

Office Workstations

A workstation can be used as a desk, for computer work and other purposes. There are specific workstations available for using computers alone. These workstations come along with a specific slot for the CPU and holes that are pre-built for wiring. The pre-built holes allow the wires to run through them and make the workstation look neat and compact. So do check for all of these factors.

The workstation should also have enough space to accommodate loads of spreadsheets. These workstations typically come with a shelf or cabinet on top. A workstation can be used for paper-related work, computer-related tasks, and impromptu meetings. Here, an L-shaped workstation is the best option and will allow employees to complete all their tasks comfortably. If the budget for office furnishing is high, a U-shaped workstation is a good option for people to multitask.

A Stand Up Desk

Sitting for hours can cause a lot of strain on a human’s back. Experts suggest that employees should take frequent breaks while working to ensure that the back does not get strained. These desks allow working even when the employees are standing.

Office Workstations

Ergonomics of An Office Workstation

The workstation should provide enough clearance for the employee’s legs; the desk for the workstation should be at a height of 29 to 30 inches from the office floor.

  • When the employee is sitting behind the desk, there should be an optimal space of at least three and a half feet of space. There should be a minimum of at least 3 feet of space between two office workstations.
  • For employees who use computers, the keyboard should be located at a comfortable height. If the keyboard is not placed  so, then the employees are most likely to experience strain on their backs and shoulders. Also, there should be enough place for a computer mouse as well.

Desk Surface of An Office Workstation:

  • Laminate is the most frequently used option for the surfaces. It is durable, reliable, and can withstand harmful conditions far better compared to the other types of wood.
  • Surfaces made of metal or steel sheets are relatively inexpensive and can be used for long-term and in areas where there is high traffic.
  • Venner or wood surfaces are relatively thin compared to the other types of surfaces. Also, these desks look more stylish compared to the other types of surfaces.
office workstations

Factors That Play a Role in Selecting the Right Kind of Workstation:

The Look: It is important to choose the workstation according to the theme of the office work space. The color and the style of the workstation should go along with the vibe of the work space. The entire working environment should go along with the entire theme of the working environment.

The function: As discussed above, the functionality of the workstation plays a crucial role. The types of workstations discussed above are tailor made for certain situations. Hence, making a choice based on the functionality is rather easy.

Flexibility: This is very important because businesses these days are not predictable and may be shifted from one city to the other or one office to other frequently.

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