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Top 10 Fascinating Skydiving Myths

If you are seriously thinking about skydiving, you are probably expecting to experience the biggest thrill of your life. You probably have a lot of questions, though. One important truth about SOLO skydiving is that it requires hours of training and a license. Numerous regulations are strictly enforced and deaths from skydiving are less common than deaths from sports like cycling and basketball.

The 10 most common Myths below can cause problems and stop you from enjoying this exciting sport. Read on to learn the truth.

1.Only for the Fit and Young

Compared to other sports, skydiving is far safer and can be enjoyed by a wider range of people. Obvious limitations would be a weak heart, being prone to passing out and being too weak to carry the equipment. While not recommended, children as young as age 7 have made successful jumps, and the oldest known jumper was 101 year old Australian Frank Moody, who managed a 3,000 foot jump.Myths about Skydiving

2.The Chute Might not Open

This common myth is largely unfounded. Modern parachute design is highly complex and reliable. The FAA requires that a person always has a dual system with a single harness. This provides a backup canopy. In addition, most chutes also have Automatic Activation Devices, that will make the parachute open at a certain altitude.

3.Landing is the Worst Part

This may have been true in days gone by but parachuting gear has become much more sophisticated in recent years. For one thing, round chutes are rarely, if ever used anymore and the newer, rectangular chutes can be controlled much better, allowing most people to land very softly.

4.It will be hard to Breathe

The average jump takes place at anywhere from 10,000 to 14,000 feet. While there may be a bit less oxygen at the highest end of this spectrum, but there is still plenty. The average free fall time is a minute or less, so if you take a good breath before you jump, you will be fine. You will land before you know it and wonder why you ever worried about it to begin with.

5.Getting Blown off Course is easy

In the usual recreational setting, this is very far from the truth. Landing zones are carefully chosen and are free from obstacles. Modern chutes can be controlled easily, and you will receive instruction on steering during lessons prior to getting your license.

6.Higher Altitudes are More Dangerous

The exact opposite is true. The parachute is usually opened after only 3 seconds and from there, it just slows you down, rather than jerking you up as is commonly thought. With a lower jump altitude, you have less time to fall and are taking more of a risk.

7.Passing out means Certain Death

While passing out is certainly not the optimal situation for a skydiver to be in, it is not an automatic death sentence. In most cases, you would have the Automatic Activation Device installed and the chute would automatically deploy at a safe height. The landing could cause injury but most likely you would survive.

8.I Might Pack the Chute Wrong

While packing the parachute is an important skill that must be learned well, it is not something you are required to do alone. Individuals who work at the drop zone are well-trained and can either help you or do it for you.

9.People can talk while Skydiving

This is definitely only something that happens in the movies. You are falling at at least 100mph, which means the wind is rushing past your ears. This makes it pretty much impossible to hear.

10.Skydiving is only for the Rich

This is not true. While it may be expensive to buy all your own gear, it is not necessary to do so. Tandem jumping is relatively inexpensive and sometimes there are free skydiving events.

Certain risks do accompany skydiving, but contrary to popular myths, it is actually very safe, compared to other sports. You would have to receive the proper training, which would be given by highly competent professionals. Parachutes are practically foolproof and the thrill of floating high above the ground is exhilarating.

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