Top 10 Tools in the Garage: Everyone love it

Whether you are a DIY hobbyist or a professional mechanic, equipping your garage the right way can be of much help when working. Take a look at our list of the top 10 tools to have in the garage:

ProRack D Mega Bundle Wall Storage System


Hanging tools on garage wall can be an incredible space saver. Yes, you have the option of installing some shelves and hooks yourself. However, with this wall storage system, you will get everything you need in one great pack. ProRack Mega Bundle gives you an additional nine ft. of shelf space, along with a set of hooks. The assembling is easy, and you get a lifetime warranty.

Bayco SL-8908 26-Watt Fluorescent Work Light


You might think that this belongs to the luxury home stuff category, considering that there are cheaper options available. However, a strong work light is essential for any garage or workshop. This one is extremely durable and performs well in cold and other severe weather conditions. It comes with a 50 ft long retractable reel. Two bulbs included guarantee over 10,000 hours of working time, so you do not have to think about properly illuminating your garage for quite some time.

Wilton 11104 Bench Vise


Once you try working with a bench vise, you will see how useful it is. It is like having an extra hand to help you. A bench vise has multiple purposes –it can hold things in place when you need to apply some force, it can serve as a resting place while glue dries and so on. This Wilton vise is made from high strength steel; it has a big anvil work surface and a double lock down swivel base.

Strongway Hydraulic Quick Lift Low-Profile Service Jack


This is not just another of standard mechanic tools. This hydraulic lift is the best way to keep yourself safe. Forget about floor jacks; they are not a guarantee to hold the car. Just imagine if one of the rubber seals fails. Safety is not something to be played with, so if you are doing car related work often, make sure that you get one of these. This way you will easily lift the vehicle, and you can rest assured that nothing will happen while you are beneath it.

Solus Ultra Full-Function Scan Tool and Software


Let’s dive into high-end mechanic tools for a moment. You cannot argue with the benefits of an excellent scan software for diagnosing your vehicle. This tool provides live data graphing and detailed code descriptions to make everything simple. It significantly increases a mechanic’s productivity and is intended to be used professionally. Move on to the next item and check out an alternative you can use in a personal garage.

ELM 327 OBD-II Bluetooth Scanner


While not being anywhere near a professional garage tool, this scanner is ideal for all the DIYerst hat love to spend time in the garage. This is not a standalone device and requires connection with Android or Windows. Fortunately, this is quite easy to do via Bluetooth. Once you install it, it will prove as a valuable asset, as it will allow you to check all the trouble codes and PIDs needed to diagnose any vehicle issues.

Craftsman N17586 Nextec Cordless Drill


If you are looking for an affordable drill that’s still considered to be in the top 10 cordless drills, this is the one for you. Craftsman’s drill is lightweight but capable of doing the job. Its 12.0 V battery works well even in cold conditions and takes only half an hour to charge. If your drilling and driving operations do not require extraordinary power, this is an excellent tool for you.

DeWalt DCD790D2 Cordless Drill


This drill is intended for more experienced users. It might be a bit expensive but DeWalt is a renowned company, and this is one of the best cordless drills available. It offers two variations of speed to adjust the performance level required for a particular job, and the grip is ergonomically designed for better control and comfort. The drill is also equipped with LED light and has a long-lasting battery.

Ryobi ZRD43K 5.5-Amp 3/8 in. Variable Speed Drill


If you are looking for an affordable corded drill solution, why not try a product that’s factory reconditioned? This means that the product had been returned to the manufacturer at some point and then brought to a like new state. Despite being a refurbished product, you can expect top performance from this model, including the motor demonstrating its full power of 5.5 amp.

VonHaus Corded 6.5A 1/2-inch Hammer Drill


You will often hear mechanics and other experts say that when you need a powerful drill, go for a corded one. The sheer power of the presentedVonHausmodel proves them right and turns thisi nto the best corded drill you can get for your garage. It is easily adjustable between rotating only and hammer modes, making in perfect for softer and harder surfaces. There is also a depth gauge makes sure that, whatever you are drilling, you do the job accurately.


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