Top 3 trends in ethical hacking

As the industrial world is being encountered with several kinds of security and information stealth related issues, demand for ethical hackers is on the rise. However, there are a few areas, which has always been the special area of interest for the ethical hackers across the globe.

In a digital world, which is founded on virtual platform, there are several ways, in which an individual or a business house can get affected by means of identity theft or the important and secured data and information being stolen. Given these reasons, the demand for ethical hackers is growing day by day in the industrial world. As their skills and levels of knowledge are capable enough to handle these kinds of issues, they have a great career prospect. However, traditional academic coursework can hardly endow someone with the desired skills and knowledge required for this particular profile. This calls for a specialized training.

Considering the demand for this career path, people are taking up CEH v8 training for becoming an ethical hacker. Upon clearing this certification, the candidates can opt for a wide range of career of opportunities. Among all the available opportunities in this field, there are few areas, which re mostly preferred by the prospective candidates. Following are three examples of such career paths:

Social media experts

In a world, where practically everyone wants their presence to be felt in the social media platform, people eventually expose themselves before serious security issues, which can range from identity theft to stealth of crucial personal information. CEH v8 training enables the candidates with the social engineering tools and techniques, applying which the prospective ethical hackers can save the people and the organizations from a wide range of security threats. This particular module of this training focuses on the issues like phishing messages, automated and human operated security attacks, how an attack can be identified etc. After completion of this module, the candidates will be able to handle the security issues in the networking sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter etc. and they will be able to provide proper security measures on the mobile devices, as well.

CEH courses

System hacking experts

According to one of the executives of the providers of CEH courses in India, system hacking has been a great interest of people for a stint period of time. Apart from knowing their systems in detailed manner, people want to learn the vulnerabilities of a system, and the possible ways to get rid of those. Through this certification, the candidates can become the experts in various password cracking methodologies, handling spywares and malwares, keylogger blocking techniques, NTFS and FAT32 file systems, stenographic algorithms etc. These skills and techniques can make them more than just a system administrator.

Virus and worm experts

One of the major threats being faced by the industrial world is the virus and worm attacks, which can lead to potential security breach and destruction of an entire network of systems, without any prior preparation. CEH courses in India can enable the candidates with the required skills and knowledge to encounter these potential threats. A dedicated module in this training programme covers lifecycle analysis of a virus, several kinds of viruses and their natures in specific, difference between virus and worm, detection techniques and healing measures etc.

Though there are several other potential trends in ethical hacking, these are the trending career opportunities people are looking forward. At a competitive cost, CEH v8 certification can give your career a dimension you have never thought of.

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