Top 5 Ways To Engage Your Customers Successfully On Social Media

In recent years, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have almost become second nature. With nearly five billion active social media users in the world, no business can afford to ignore the platforms anymore.

According to social media experts, the platform is a double-edged sword- do it well and you reap rich dividends. Fail at something minuscule, like responding to a negative comment from a celebrity and experience a resounding backlash from millions.

Even though customer engagement can take place across multiple digital channels and avenues like Review platforms, communities, forums, blog pages, yet social media continues to stand right at the top of the customer success and engagement pyramid.

In this article, we will look at the top five ways of engaging users on social media. It is important to understand that more engagement means more potential for revenue generation, better credibility building, and improved customer retention.

5 Ways to Engage Customers on Social Media: The List

1. Create Meaningful and Engaging Content on Social Media:

People do not want to be pushed products and services all the time. They want information that adds value to their problems. This is why your social media strategy should aim to provide solutions. Subtle product placements can be done; however, the focus should be broad-based at all times.

2. Run regular Contests and offer Prizes:

The hashtag #contest has over eight million posts on Instagram. This means that people love to play contests, quizzes, and games in which there is a giveaway. For every brand looking to spice up engagement levels, contests are a great way to go. This not only helps in increasing follower count (rules of contest), improves reach but also offers free promotion.

It is a well-known fact that social media contests and giveaways can generate a lot of engagement for your brand. However, it needs to be ensured that the content is planned and executed in a manner, which is most beneficial towards your brand’s KPIs. If you have a poorly planned event on social media, you will not see too much engagement and consider the same as a lot of opportunities. This is why many brands take help from expert social media companies Dubai to help them with optimizing their social media performances through contests and other engagements.

3. Add Customer Testimonial Videos to your Social Strategy:

If you are looking to build your credibility on social media, it is imperative that you share customer testimonial videos. Nothing works as well when it comes to building trust and spreading a positive word about your brand than testimonial videos. You should aim to share at least one video or experience of a customer with your brand per week.

4. Integrate Influencer Marketing on Social:

Influencer Marketing

There is a reason why social media influencers have become so popular. They are able to draw large audiences and promote your brand, its products, and services among their followers and audiences. As a brand, it is important for you to work with influencers in your industry niche over a sustained period. This helps in improving sales, increase exposure, and encourage engagements.

5. Build a Community Page around your Industry Niche:

Have you seen health and fitness brands manage pages, which take about issues related to health and fitness? This is because they want audiences to acknowledge the brand and its efforts towards establishing a community and forum around issues, which affects them. Consumers might not engage with you when it comes to products. However, if you are discussing a valid concern of theirs, they will readily comply.


The aim of a brand’s social media pages should be to ensure customer success. By following the above five points on social media, you can rest assured that your pages will experience a positive upward trend when it comes to engagement.

Are there any other tricks that can help boost engagement on social media platforms? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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