Top 7 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Everyone wants to live in clean surroundings and a clean house. As a homeowner, you clean your house regularly and take necessary home cleaning actions when required. Often, carpets are forgotten about as some of them might not look dirty as they trap dust, and are home to varieties of microscopic bugs and bacteria, etc. Carpet cleaning is a challenging task if you decide to DIY so, you should take professional help for the same. 

There are multiple ways to clean your carpets, but what is the best way to clean them? The answer is steam cleaning, as it is far more beneficial than other methods. That’s because it offers other benefits than just cleaning.

1. Removal of pollutants along with dust – A dirty carpet can be filled with pollutants from multiple sources. 

  • Pet hair
  • Dead bugs
  • Foreign outdoor particles
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Cigarette smoke 

A dirty carpet increases the chances for people living inside the house of catching allergies and infections, especially children. A dirty carpet also affects indoor air quality. Steam carpet cleaning will remove all such pollutants, giving your carpet a longer life and brand new look and feel. 

2. Kills dust mites – Dust mites are everywhere – furniture, carpet, mattresses, curtains, soft toys – that’s where they thrive. They need a warm environment (your home is a perfect place for that) and feed on dead bugs and pests, fungi, bacteria, pollen, etc. 

Microscopic dust mites are known carriers of allergens. We breathe those allergens in and fall sick.

Steam cleaning is known to kill such microscopic allergens as they cannot survive such high temperatures. 

3. It’s chemical-free – Steam cleaning is completely harmless as it uses hot steam blasts (and zero chemicals) to kill the bacteria (almost 99.9%). 

Other methods that use harmful chemicals which can be harmful to your loved ones. Other methods will also leave residue in your carpet fibers, which is harmful to kids and pets. Some of these residue chemicals are also toxic, and you would definitely want your family to stay safe from them.

4. Affordability – Cost is one of the top-most factors that people consider when choosing a carpet cleaning method. Steam cleaning solves all the problems like removing dust and mites but is also very affordable than other cleaning methods because it uses only water and heat. 

When you use traditional carpet cleaning methods, you have to pay for the chemicals as well as the services of the professional. Of course, you should hire a professional carpet steam cleaner but avoid spending your money on harmful chemicals. 

5. Steam cleaning prevents mould growth – Mould is present everywhere. They can grow on any surface where moisture is present and reproduce through spores (which are carried by air currents). Keep your carpet dry during the rainy season. 

Professional steam cleaners have machines and equipment needed to extract any moisture (which is very less as it involves steam blasts), preventing the growth of indoor mould. 

6. Steam cleaning makes your carpet look new – Carpets nowadays are tough and don’t wear out easily. Although they gradually lose their look and shine. Steam cleaning helps your carpet regain its lost beauty, making it last even longer.  

7. Best cleaning method for allergy sufferers – If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, steam cleaning is perfect for you. It is actually the extraction process that steams a lot and does trigger any allergies. 

Final Words

Steam cleaning offers benefits that other cleaning methods are not able to. These benefits can easily convince you to go for a steam cleaning method rather than opting for traditional cleaning methods. This solution is very affordable and chemical-free as it uses only heat and steam to execute the cleaning process. 

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