Top Issues Apartment Dwellers Deal with & How They Can Be Fixed

In some ways, living in an apartment is simpler than owning your own home. In theory, the landlord or superintendent takes care of problems and you simply pay your rent. In reality, however, renters often face a variety of issues and difficulties that they may not have anticipated before moving in. In some cases, it takes some research and creativity to overcome these problems. Here are four issues apartment dwellers are likely to face and some suggestions on dealing with them.

Noisy Neighbors

One problem with living in an apartment is that you don’t get to choose your neighbors. This may include people above and below you as well as next door. All it takes is one person who blasts their music or a couple who argue all through the night to ruin your sleep and peace of mind. The first step is to approach the neighbors in a reasonable manner and request that they keep the noise down. If that doesn’t work, you may have to make a formal complaint to the landlord. Document the problem by recording the noise in case you have to provide proof at some point. If it’s just an issue of the walls being too thin, then you may want to invest in some soundproof panels to put up around your home.


One of the most unpleasant issues that sometimes plague apartment dwellers are ones that crawl, gnaw or bite. Vermin, including mice, roaches and bedbugs can make life miserable for anyone. You can take normal precautions such as spraying and keeping your apartment clean. It would also be a good idea to routinely spray some peppermint essential oils, because the odor is too strong for most pests like ants and cockroaches. However, you should definitely inform the landlord about the problem and insist that a pest control company service the building.

Plumbing Emergencies

A leak in the ceiling, a toilet that doesn’t flush or a clogged drain can quickly turn your apartment into a hellish nightmare. At times like this, you may not have time to wait for the super to return your calls and get your problem fixed. You have to call a trustworthy plumber, such as one from Knights Plumbing & Drain, who’s available to fix the problem at any time of day. If the problem isn’t your fault, you should be able to send the bill to the landlord.

Lack of Heat

If you live in a climate with cold winters, you rely on your landlord to provide adequate heat. Unfortunately, tenants often have problems in this area. In extreme cases, the heat may not be functioning properly or the landlord restricts it in order to save money. Contact a tenant rights lawyer and find out what your options are. In the meantime, purchase a space heater or other unit so you don’t freeze.

These are some of the most common issues you’re likely to face as an apartment dweller. If you do experience one of these problems, try to remain calm. It’s always best to talk to the landlord or offending party in a polite manner at first. If you don’t get satisfaction, you may have to seek legal help. Make sure you stay within the law yourself and always remember to obtain proof of your claims.

Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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