Top Tips To Save Money On Energy Bills

When we buy a property we’re gifted a wealth of added responsibilities. One of which are the paying of the bills. So many bills, for so many different things. The most common and usually expensive of these are your energy bills. When you get your monthly bill you look at it in shock horror. “Surely I didn’t use this much gas/electricity?!” you think as you stare at the numbers. Most of the time, we’re using up energy without even realising it. Here are some top tips to help you save money on energy bills.

Turn Stuff Off!


One of the common causes of high energy bills are people wasting electricity. Someone in your house leaves a light on all day, or the TV is on standby. Usually, you don’t even need a light on during the day; the natural light is enough to light up a room. People think that turning an appliance on standby is turning it off. But it isn’t. Turn you TV/Radio off completely. That way you save money on electricity.

Make Household Changes

There are two things you can change in your home to cut the cost of energy bills. Both involve keeping your house warm.


Have carpeting in some of your rooms. Carpets will trap in heat and keep a room a little warmer. It can stop you putting the heating on when you don’t really need it. For example in the summer when it might be a little bit chilly.


If you have an old house, then you may be losing lots of heat through the windows. Companies like Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms fit windows that insulate your home. You could save money on energy by stopping heat from escaping.

Hot Water


Try and cut down on the amount of hot water you use every day. Sometimes it’s not totally necessary to use hot water. Don’t leave the hot water tap running as you brush your teeth. You can also adjust appliances to use a colder water setting. Set your dishwasher/washing machine to an ‘eco’ setting. This is usually at a temperature that uses less hot water and so saves on heating/energy bills.

Compare Prices

It could be that you’re doing everything right to save money around the house. You’ve followed the tips above, yet your energy bill is still abnormally high. So it may be down to your energy supplier. They could be giving you a bad deal and charging you too much. If you don’t know much about energy pricing, then it’s easy to be fooled. Go to price comparison sites and see the best deals on energy. It could be the easiest way to save you money.

Energy bills are just one of the many things you must contend with as a house owner. Another big responsibility for new homeowners is the security of your home. You have to make sure your home is safe for you and your family to live in. This piece will show you Five Small Ways To Make Your House More Secure.


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