Top Wedding Shopping Markets in Mumbai You Must Visit for Wedding Shopping

Wedding shopping is perhaps one of the biggest things that need to be done for the wedding. Starting with the bride and the groom to the whole of the family, everyone needs to shop for the special occasion. Not only that, is it also important to shop for the other family, and all the gifts that need to be exchanged within the two families. Truly, wedding shopping is one big job. You need to figure out so many things in the middle of this huge affair, and getting the shopping right is certainly one of them.

There are obviously very different ways to go about wedding shopping either you shop in Delhi or Mumbai. The most important ensembles that need to be figured out are the outfits of the bride and the groom. For that you will need to keep a lot of time in your hands. Most of the designers and boutiques would want your order months in advance, as it takes a long time to get these made. There is also mostly requirement for changes and alterations before your outfit is completely ready for you to wear on your big day.

So for these important outfits you will have to start early, look hard, and hopefully you will find what you are looking for in time. You can definitely check out some of the top designers in the segment like Aishwarya Design Studio or Bawree if your budget allows you.

So it helps a lot if you have your budget and your style figured out. It definitely helps to know what kind of an outfit you are looking for, whether something traditional or contemporary, heavy or light. If you are planning to look at the designer boutiques and explore the markets of Mumbai, let us help you out a little bit. Some of the top bridal wears stores in Mumbai you must visit for wedding shopping place.

Some wedding Shopping Place are:

Santacruz West
Andheri West
Linking Road
Town Side- Cumbala Hill

Choose best clothes from these market with best price and discount.

If you want to shop for your family, you will find it much easier to visit the bigger family stores which have most of the outfits for the family. Why such stores are very much recommended, is because in such times, when you have to buy clothes for not only yourself and your own family, but also to gift, it may cause quite the ruckus. So if you find a place that fulfils the needs of your whole family in one place, it is definitely a boon. Such places mostly have outfits of all kinds, starting with lehengas to suits to sarees, and sherwani and suit. You can even find outfits for kids in many of them. You can look for such stores depending upon your own budget, but you will find that family stores mostly have the kind of budget which suits all kinds of people, so you won’t be spending quite as much as you’d have to in a boutique. So even from that aspect it is a good idea.



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