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Since 2009 when the bitcoin was first introduced to the general market and people started learning about it and realising the potential it could have with trading with it, this platform gained a lot of attention to it after penetrating the market in 2017, this phase was the peak for all the early investors who decided to take the risk into this undiscovered trade market, and since then we have seen the daily increasing number of cryptocurrencies that is making the market bigger and stronger.

If you are a new trader that this market seems like the suitable risk for you then all you need is Royal C Bank, Old experienced trader or a new one it doesn’t matter because Royal C Bank will get you covered with all the needed tools and facilitations in order to make sure you are making the most of your money, What makes this broker stands out is the people behind it was once a cryptocurrencies and equity traders, so they would have all the experience needed to give you the full push ahead.

The first struggle people face nowadays is the hassle of signing up to a new trading platform and it’s endless useless need for all your information, Royal C bank now you can sign up faster and easier than ever, all you need is your name, email address and desired password then you will gain access to your favourite trading online platform.

When most people start searching for platforms they want to find a lot of account options and a variety of the minimum deposit you would need in order to open your account and start trading. I have found a lot of options that I will introduce to you today only found in Royal C Bank.

Basic Plan, which is basically made for the fresh new traders who wants to test the waters without a high risk plan, this plan needs a minimum deposit of 250$, not only this Royal C Bank will offer you a welcome bonus 30% which will be a great deal for you.

Beginners Plan, This plan requires a little bit of experience in the market with a capital investment of 10,000$ with a welcome bonus 40%, moreover you can enjoy the rest of the benefits of this plan in addition to a junior account manager who will be helping and assisting you a lot in your trading journey providing you with all the needed tips and guidance.

Medium Plan, If you are familiar with the whole trading concept and have got a past experience in this market then this plan is right for you, with investment starting at 25,000$ with a 60% welcome bonus guaranteed this is a done deal for any experienced trader, you will be enjoying the same privileges of other accounts but with a senior account manager to be able to assist you more often with your current trading operations.

Advanced Plan, this plan is for the advanced traders levels who are targeting high risks with high profit margin, it starts from 50,000$ with 70% welcome bonus.

Pro Plan, If you are one of those people who would go big or go home then this plan will make you go places that you want starting investment 100,000$ with 80% welcome bonus not to mention all the other benefits of the account

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