Trendy Style: How to Help Your Teens Look Great at School

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When a teenager enters high school, it can be daunting to figure out how to fit in. Many of them want to put their best foot forward. This includes how they dress. Attire plays a big role in how people perceive others. While it may not give a full picture, it helps to look the part. As long as you make thoughtful choices in these areas, your teenager will look good and feel even better in school.

1. Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts will always be in style for young people. Most teenagers want to appear like they have tons of money to buy clothes. What you can do is go online and find deals for graphic t-shirts. Once you find a few good deals, take advantage of them and buy a few t-shirts at a time. Once your son or daughter has at least ten shirts that are interchangeable, you can continue to mix and match throughout the year. You can also layer those t-shirts with cardigans, hooded sweatshirts and fun blazers to change the look up a little bit.

2. Blue Jeans

There’s nothing quite like a good pair of well-fitting blue jeans. Jeans are universal and will never go out of style. Get a few pairs of dark denim and light denim jeans, so your teenager can mix it up a bit. It’s also nice to get a few colored pairs of jeans. Colored jeans fall into the trendy category, but are always welcomed. When it’s time to wash those jeans, make sure to turn them inside out. This step preserves the material and the vibrancy of the fabric.

3. Accessories

When it comes to accessories and your teenager, this is a place where you’ll want to infuse more trendy pieces. Costume jewelry is on trend now with pieces such as chunky necklaces and chokers. For the sake of having a few classic items in the accessories department, it’s nice to have a gold necklace or a fun pair of gold hoop earrings to play with.

A quality belt is a great investment. Consider opting for no hole belts that are versatile and can adjust to size easily. Your teens are growing and you want to make sure their garments fit properly. Purses, bookbags and hair accessories in various colors will work well when your teen wants to change up their look and add some fashionable flair. Scarfs are also easy to wear around the neck in a few ways. Because the trends are here today and gone tomorrow, try not to invest too much money into these types of items.

4. Shoes

Rain boots are essential for the spring. Sandals and flip flops are perfect for the days before school lets out. Flats and sneakers are perfect for the fall. Thick, insulated boots are appropriate for the winter. As long as you have one option for each season, your teenager will be in great shape. Choose dark colors for the winter boots so they can go with more than one outfit.

Consider getting sandals and flats in a variety of neutral colors. If you’d like to choose a colorful pair of shoes, rain boots and a pair of flats are easy to mix and match with different outfits. A lot of teenagers like the colorful printed rain boots and wear them with any outfit.

As you look around and shop for the right attire for your teenager, don’t forget to get their input. Teenagers are very much aware of what they’d like to wear and they usually have a good sense of their own personal style. As long as it’s age-appropriate and doesn’t violate the school’s dress code, allow them into the conversation regarding the choice of the clothes they wear.


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