Want to Fit into That New Year’s Eve Party Frock? Try This to Slim Down

You have a stylish dress that you planned to wear on New Year’s Eve but find that it looks a bit tight on you. Don’t give up just yet because you can lose up to 3 pounds before the big celebration is due. With a bit of careful planning and discipline, fast weight loss is possible. The trick is to manipulate your body into the fat-burning mode with the right meal choices and the most efficient exercising program. And what is best, you don’t need to feel horrible in the process. Weight loss can be fun if you plan it right. So, without further ado, here is what you need to do to slim down before New Year’s Eve.

Think nutrients, not calories

When speaking of weight-loss diets, what usually comes to mind are low-calorie meals and fat-free everything. But there is ample evidence that this approach does not lead to successful weight loss. Instead, focus on foods that are high in nutrients such as protein, fiber, and vitamins but low in refined carbohydrates and fat. Studies on high protein foods such as dairy and lean meat have found that they increase the levels of appetite-suppressing hormones, improve blood glucose levels, and burn more calories during digestion. High-fiber foods such as whole grain cereals, fruits, and vegetables are harder to digest and create more bulk in your intestinal track which makes you feel fuller for longer.

Try fasting once a week

Eating dinner one day and skipping breakfast and lunch the next day can help you reach your weight-loss goals faster according to some studies. A study published in the Nutrition Journal found that intermittent fasting, when combined with calorie restriction, is an effective weight-loss strategy. Fasting, in general, is considered a healthy practice that was found to result in longevity and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. So, as it turns out, not eating anything at all occasionally may be the best diet plan for fast weight-loss. By fasting once a week for around 12-24 hours, your body will be able to burn fat more easily and your overall health will improve.

Rethink your workout routine

During a bout of exercise, your body burns a lot of calories and your muscle mass increases. The more muscle you have, the fatter your body will burn because muscle maintenance requires more energy spending than do fat stores. Researchers now agree that the best weight-loss workouts are high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) and resistance-training. Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, wont result in significant weight-loss according to most studies, but it can increase your lung and heart capacity for better intensive workout. To ensure that your workout performance is good enough to result in weight-loss, make sure to eat a high-protein and moderate carb meal before and after your workout.

Boost your metabolism with these foods

Coffee, grapefruit, chili peppers, and green tea were all found to have an effect on the metabolism. Thats why youll often find them in some of the top diet pills on the market. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking coffee before a meal increased the thermic effect of the meal and resulted in greater fat burning. Grapefruit was also found to result in faster weight loss due to the fruit having a favorable effect on blood sugar levels. Chili is a strong appetite suppressant, but it was also found to lead to greater calorie burning by up to 20% and also lead to fat-loss. The antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea is believed to be responsible for the metabolism-boosting effect of green tea which can speed up your weight loss.

Get some good-quality sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults sleep between 7 to 9 hours a day. Anything below or above that threshold will wreak havoc on your metabolism. While adequate sleep wont help you burn more calories, inadequate sleep will result in weight gain. The reason for this is that sleep helps regulate many metabolic functions. A lack of sleep makes it harder for your body to regulate carbohydrate metabolism and the secretion of hunger-suppressing hormones. The result of sleep deprivations is nutrients from food being stored as fat. If you have trouble sleeping, we suggest relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing and taking Melissa and Valerian extracts before bedtime for sounder sleep.


Research shows that we can lose up to 2 pounds a week with a good weight-loss program. To help you fit into your favorite party dress. The guidelines given here can help you plan your meals and activities for fast weight loss before the end of the month. Additionally, you can turn to weight loss supplements such as Plexus Slim for a boost to your usual regimen. For this New Year’s Eve, make sure to skip those holiday sweets and adopt a healthy eating and exercising plan.

Kathy Mitchell

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