Warning Bells – High Time To Get The Roofing Done, Your Roof Needs It

What’s over your head is important and you need to take care of it. Here we are talking about the roof of your house. It shows very subtle alerts that there is something wrong with it and you need to act. Roofing is something which will not only save it from the damages but also will add some extra years of life to it. So here are some signs, which are shown by your roof in order to make you realize the problem it is facing and mistakenly you ignore them. However, don’t do it anymore, it will only spread and will threaten the whole structure in no time.

Watermarks and spots:

If you haven’t noticed till now then try to observe that whether your walls are showing any signs of water marks or spots on the corners or anywhere on the whole thing. These marks occur because of the mildew growth inside the walls. In layman language, it means the water is spreading in the walls and is making them weak. These signs are visible when you closely watch the walls. You will be surprised to know that the signs are out in open and near to you but never noticed. It happens because of leakage through roofs, hence there is something wrong in the roof and it needs roofing as water is getting collected inside it instead of flowing out in open. It is something which asks for a fast action else you will be spending a lot of money to the reconstruction of some parts of your structure.

Dark Stains:

Since few days your roof is looking darker and darker by every passing day. You might think that it is because of lack of cleaning and dust, but the reality is far from your thinking. Actually, these dark stains on the roof means that there is infestation of algae or fungi on your roof structure. Algae or fungi also give support to the growth of the moulds in the area near them. These microorganisms give a darker and dirtier look to the areas where they grow. It again calls for roofing because it is something that spreads in the area at a real fast speed. It will not only degrade the value of your home but also eat away the shingles and make them loose and broken.

Peeling of paint:

The home is not getting old if you are seeing some peelings or blisters in the paint on the walls inside as well as outside the home. It is much more than that. The roof is calling for help and is in great need of roofing else a lot of more damage is going to happen to your home. This sign is often ignored by the people as they don’t think deeply for the reasons. It normally happens because of excessive moisture in the walls or humidity caused by lack of ventilation in the attic. It is again caused because of one or the other problem in the roof. So it is better to call a professional and get the roof inspected for the damages.

Increase in energy cost:

We all know that the roof helps in energy efficiency. So if you are noticing some changes in the efficiency cost of your home even without making any changes in the consumption then listen the warning bells, your roof is in desperate need of roofing. Damages in the roof are causing this hike in the cost, which will keep on increasing if you will not put a tab on it.

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