Weighted Exercise It’s Really Useful For Fat Burning

You want to build some muscles but you got no time? The answer to your dilemma is the fast-paced bodyweight workouts designed to burn a heap of your fats and calories in a short period without the use of any weight or machines.

How do you do it? Let go of the exercises that focuses on only one muscle and move on to the workout dedicated to compound movements instead. Nick Rodocoy the personal trainer who created these movements cited that compound components of the workout combined with the weighted clothing exercise challenge your entire body and burn your fats in no time.

Multiple muscle groups are simultaneously used and these involvement results to more work done and more calories torched. Aside from the convenience that these kind of workout offers, there are also several advantages that you could gain if you add this up in your training routine.

Rodocoy also shared that you can with your program and take a rest from heavy lifting by these bodyweight workouts instead. Heavy lifting is a great way to bulk up but it’s not gentle for the joint and muscles.

However, bodyweight workouts gives you a satisfying result and merit a healthy and injury-free lifestyle. You can try the following workouts to start your day right.

Workout 1: Perform the Bodyweight Squat for fifteen times. Follow it up with fifteen Jump Squats and ten Reverse Lunges. Finally do Sumo Lunges for ten times and you have to do each move simultaneously without rest. It’s best if you record your time and try to do it three to four times. Challenge yourself and beat your record every week.

Workout 2: You can begin your workout with circuit training because it’s easy and quick. Exercises include doing the clap push-up ten times, Bodyweight row for another ten rounds, eight pistol squat to bench, feet elevated push up repeated ten times, six to eight pull ups and about ten plank to push among others. Pick three of these exercises and and do it repeatedly for 45 minutes. Rest only when needed and beat your record time every week too.

Workout 3: There is also another routine that involves pull ups, dips, Jump lunges and leag raises. You have to perform each in a ladder sequence and rest only when you can’t take it anymore. Beating your weekly scores is also a must too. You can also do this move in your own room in the morning before getting up. Or before going to sleep at night.

Workout 4: A different set that you can follow includes fifteen instances of inverted row, eight to ten headstand push-ups, a 20 second side lying oblique for each side and 10 times of pistol to bench. Do the routines one after another as may times as you can in the span of 45 minutes. The firt execution may be hard and a struggle for you. But as go on the the routines, you will be able to perform it easili and less painful.

Workout 5: You can also go through it by pairs. You just have to select if you want to do clap push ups and mountain clibers, inverted row and walkouts or alternating reverse lunges and plank to push up. Perform each pair for 30 seconds and then give yourself a 15 seconds rest interval as you prepare another 30 seconds for the next routine

So that’s it! Doing these routines and mastering it willl surely bring you to success. It is effective and the result is fast. You just need motivation and determination to keep going.


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