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Weird And Wacky Ways To Drastically Cut Your Energy Bills

We all know how to save money on our energy bills the conventional way. If you don’t know, here is a great guide for you to study. But, what we don’t know is how to cut our energy bills the unconventional way. Now, why would we want to go down the unconventional route? The answer is that the unconventional route is often the best route for saving money as they are tips no one knows about yet. So, for all the homeowners reading this that wants to make a difference to their monthly wage, here’s the weird and wonderful world of energy!

Decorate With Thermal Wallpaper

Yes, it is possible to buy thermal wallpaper that reflects the heat back into the house. I don’t need to spell it out because the clue is in the name. But, what we do need to know is that the wallpaper does work! The different varieties of wallpaper vary with regards to the materials, but the cheapest is polystyrene. Plus, the best ones are also coated with a shiny gloss so that the UV rays bounce back into the house.

Install A Wood Burner

On the face of it, a wood burner seems a little expensive and old-fashioned. However, they are not as old-fashioned as we like to believe because they are making a comeback. And, the cost isn’t too great if we compare it with the money we will save in the future. Yes, it might cost quite a lot of money initially, yet it will save money in the long run. Remember: wood and paper are cheaper than gas and electric. Plus, they are better for the environment.

Invest In Monitoring Equipment

A metering station is synonymous with the gas and oil industry. Still, that doesn’t mean we cannot buy one and install in the house! After all, if the best of the best use this tactic, it should work wonders for us at home. A top of the line station will monitor the flow of gas and oil, so we can easily monitor how much we use on a daily basis. If it gets too high, we can start to lower it to save money on energy. Okay, it is a bit over the top, but this post is all about the weird and wacky!

Cling Film The Windows

The windows are the biggest culprit where energy loss is concerned. Because they are flimsy in a lot of respects, the air can easily pass through. As a result, the warm air will dissipate and the need to use more energy will increase. One great tip is to stop the air from moving by using cling film. The most conventional way is to use double glazing, but that can be expensive. Cling film also creates a vacuum to stop air displacement – it just costs a lot less to buy! Alternatively, there is Eco Flap. Eco Flap prevents draughts and stays closed at all times despite blustery winds and poor weather conditions.

If you have any strange tips you would like to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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