What Ingredients To Look For When Picking Skin Brighteners?

Skin brightening is one of the methods to maintain your skin making it look acceptable. Make sure you know your skin type before you start any kind of treatment to your skin to prevent any kind of side effect. In case you do not know the kind of skin you possess ensure that you visit a dermatologist to help you identify it making you have easy time to choose the brighteners and the ingredients. The dermatologist will be of great help in identifying the ingredient that is necessary for brightening your skin without any effect.

1. Kojic acid

This ingredient has the capability or making your skin bright for a very long time. You only need to follow its procedures of application to the latter. These procedures depend on your skin type and the sensitivity of your skin. Clean your skin before you apply the brightener on a daily basis ensuring that you have taken rid of all make up. Apply the brightener and let it last for about 20 minutes then clean with warm water afterwards use a moisturizer that will help to speed up the brightening process. Use brighteners on a weekly basis and you will always maintain a bright, smooth and beautiful skin.

2. Glycolic acid

It is an ingredient most recommended by the dermatologists since it apply for all skin types inclusive of the sensitive ones. This is because it does not react with the skin negatively rather soothe the dull complexion and manage to make it look bright than expected. Use the skin brightener of your choice and make sure you do not mix it up. Stick to one in order to give your skin enough time to adapt to it.

3. Aloe Vera

It is another ingredient that is perfect and speeds up the brightening process. In case you really want to make you skin become bright within the shortest period ever, search for the brighteners containing Aloe Vera. Pure aloe which is not processed has the ability to make you have the brightest skin without using any brightener. Just go and pluck an aloe leaf and have its juice rubbed on your dull skin. Do this twice a day and apply a moisturizer after cleansing. You will absolutely notice change in your skin making you maintain a bright skin naturally. It also has additional advantage to your skin such as clearing acne, wrinkles and black heads.

4. LumixITM

This ingredient is mostly recommended for those who want to brighten their dry skin. It does not necessarily mean that other skin types cannot benefit from it but it works best for the dry skin. Ensure that you take the original brighteners in the market and to ensure they are not fake check the seal, which should not be broken and ensure that you do not go for the cheap brighteners. They are not likely to give you similar results as the original.

5. Vitamin C

The top rated skin brightener must have vitamin C in them to speed up the brightening process. In case your skin type is oily ensure that the brightener you use have vitamin C. This is because it has the ability to ensure that the dullness and the uneven skin will not be seen anymore. Vitamin C keeps your skin bright and radiant preventing it from sun damage and pollution. Stick to one type of brightener if you really want the results with no side effects

6. Azelaic acid

It is an ingredient that works best in brightening your skin with no struggle. All you need is to follow instructions to the latter. Do not use the brightener more than once in a week to avoid making your skin dark pigment weak.

7. Hydroquinone

Some ingredients work like catalysts in the skin brighteners. These ingredients help you acquire a very bright skin within the shortest period ever. It also assures you that your skin is safe from damage that can be caused by chemicals in the brighteners.


The above are some of the best ingredients that must be available in your skin brightener. Ensure that while choosing, you will have the knowledge of the substances you are using. In addition, you will be in a position to know the best ingredient for your skin type since the dermatologist will have advised you. In case your skin is sensitive to a certain ingredient seek medical advice before you shift to another ingredient which can damage your skin. Do not mix up ingredients and brighteners since you will not be in a position to get genuine impact on your skin. Ensure that you can be able to identify the original products since the fake ones are not guaranteed to give similar results as the original.




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