What queries can be resolved by a paternity lawyer?

Paternity is to legally establish the identity of a child’s father. This can be done through the use of DNA testing and is required to decide on child support, custody, adoption, and inheritance. A paternity lawyer Hollywood helps to establish paternity and provide aid to a mother to acquire child support orders.

Who is the Father?

The mother is recognized as the natural and legal guardian of the child, and when a married woman gives birth, the mother’s husband is assumed by law to be the child’s father. However, if the mother is unmarried when the child is born, then, paternity must be established. Since this can happen either voluntarily or through a court order, a paternity lawyer Hollywood is of help.

A father’s rights can be challenged if there is a breakup or a dispute, and to re-establish a father’s rights and obligations, a paternity action may be required. Who else but a paternity lawyer Hollywood comes of help in this case?

Proof of Paternity

A DNA test is of prime importance in establishing paternity. It is a highly accurate test conducted on blood or tissue samples. This test has a significant legal impact when establishing child custody and support. This prevents the father from denying responsibility. Once paternity is established, the court allows the mother of the child to collect child support.

How the Paternity Lawyer Helps

The paternity lawyer will help with the following issues:

  • If you have not filed for divorce or under a legal separation or you were not married.

  • The amount of support you need to pay, depending on your income.

  • Use the support calculation program to decide on the amount of support.

  • The one-hour conciliation court meeting at the courthouse, where the amount of the support is decided.

  • If your spouse or the child’s parent is about to leave the state with the kids.

  • Discuss the case informally with the judge and then discuss with their client what the judge said.

Dealing with any legal issue without a lawyer is like driving without a steering wheel. You may reach a point, but the way will not be smooth. Your lawyer can guide you away from immediate problems and problems that may occur in the future. They are trained to recognize and deal with the most important issues. They have legal assistants who fill out forms that may be complicated.

Ask yourself the following questions if you cannot decide on hiring a lawyer.

  • How precious are your children?

  • How important is the time spent with your children?

  • Will you mange to fight your spouse or the child’s parent on your own?

  • Are you able to handle the emotional stress of a custody battle?

  • Can you evaluate both financial and custodial decisions on your own?

  • Will you be able to complete the court forms on your own?

  • Will you be able to get all the information you need from the other side?

  • Do you know how to get that information?

  • Do you know how to complete the case?

  • Do you know all the paperwork involved in the court?

You will find that most of this cannot be done without the assistance of a lawyer. So if you are involved in a legal battle over paternity, getting a paternity lawyer is the best solution.

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