What to Know When Transforming Your Garage into a Workshop

Many people don’t really use their garage to park their cars. There’s a practical reason for it – most of us drive every day, so it would take a long time to park the car in the garage every night, and take it out of the garage each morning. Parking in the driveway is just more practical, and especially in the warmer parts of the country, the elements won’t damage your car.

However, the question remains ‘what to do with the garage?’ Some people use it for storage, whereas others want to do something more practical with it – like turning it into a small workshop. It’s not a big leap from a garage to a workshop, but it does require a few things from you. We asked experts at https://www.goodgarage.us/ to share their views on what it takes to do this successfully. Here are their tips.

Empty the Whole Thing:

Before you can make something better, you need to completely dismantle everything you currently have in your garage. You certainly won’t need boxes of old toys or clothes in your new workshop – they will just take up space.

While you are at it, you can decide whether you really want and need to keep all the things you stored in the garage, or whether you can get rid of at least some of them. You can donate some things, or have a yard sale for some things, whereas others are most likely good to be thrown out.

Refresh the Look of Your Garage:

Now that your garage is empty, you can accurately assess the state of it. Giving your garage a thorough cleaning goes without saying, but you can do more. Take a good look at your garage and honestly answer questions like whether it needs painting, or perhaps a new floor, or even a new window? Now is the ideal time to make any adaptations and changes you wanted.

Adding sufficient lighting is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to a new workshop. A regular garage can get by with poor lighting, but if you intend to use your garage as a workshop, you will need to install proper lights. Natural light from a window or a skylight is a great addition, but sufficient artificial light will be necessary, too.

Pick Your Storage Options Carefully:

Among the things you want in your garage workshop is certainly proper storage. You will have a lot of different tools, materials, and supplies which all need to be properly stored. Keeping order in a workshop is important if you want to keep it functional.

If your garage is relatively small, you would assume that it limits your storage options. However, if you pick overhead garage storage options, you will be able to utilize the vertical space which is often left unused.

When it comes to storage options, make sure that you pick quality materials like aluminum and hard plastics, as they will last longer and they will be able to take the scuffing and wear and tear which naturally occurs in a workshop.

Properly Electrify the New Workshop:

Most garages don’t need too many outlets. Simply put, you probably have an electric garage door opener, and maybe a fridge. That’s why people don’t put too many outlets in their garages. However, if you are transforming your garage into a workshop, you will likely use power tools that need power.

Even though an extension cord power strip can help, most electricians don’t recommend using it as a permanent solution. Consult an electrician to properly electrify your garage for maximum effect.

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