What to Pack on Course to Hospital for Preparation of Labor

Be prepared rather than repenting is the core philosophy. This rule holds good during the last few weeks of your pregnancy nearing conception date. If you are nearing the eighth month of pregnancy, then it is high time that you figure out what to pack for labor. The time between the contractions is not the time to adopt the policy to carry all. Get things in order before a month of your pregnancy, and keep it in the car so that you do not forget things in a rush. You can keep it at the front door if you have someone to take you to the hospital.

What should the mother carry for herself?

The most important aspect is to stock the paper work you need. Do ensure that you have the health insurance card, the photo ID along with any other piece of information which the hospital requires. If you have a birth plan, then take a print and bring it along as well.

Pack two night gowns, socks, slippers with a non-slip bottom and a bathrobe. The nightgowns that you carry should not be loose and not restrict your movements. To enhance blood pressure loose sleeves are a must. The night gowns should be the ones that you should mind throwing if they get messed up.

Once again pack a couple of comfortable clothes with a pair of shoes. Once again when and you pack your bag for labour do not pick restrictive clothes. You are not going to be in the pre pregnancy era, so ideally clothes that you have worn in the second trimester should be worn. Pack a couple of bras as they will support your breasts along with nursing pads. Though some hospital will give you disposable underwear you can carry cotton undies if you want. Pack a pair of towels as the ones provided at the hospital are thin and too small.

Bring some snacks and carry a decent amount of money with you as well. Bring batteries along with a charger for your phone. Do make it a point that you have the numbers of all the people whom you want to call on the phone. Most of the hospitals do offer the facility of using cell phones, but it is better if you check it in advance. Bring a music player or a smart phone so that you can listen to songs of your liking.

What should be brought for the baby?

An outfit should be brought for the baby to go back. Pack a pair of socks unless the baby has feet. Do ensure that there is a warm blanket or an outwear if one is giving birth in the cold weather. Do pack a receiving blanket. The hospitals might provide you with one, but it is too good a thing to ignore.

The most important thing for a baby is a properly installed car seat. Some hospitals do not allow the baby to go home unless there are in a rear facing seat.The most important thing for a baby is a properly installed car seat. Some hospitals do not allow the baby to go home unless there are in a rear facing seat.


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