What Upgrades for My Car Should I Consider if I’m Just Starting to Upgrade?

If you are interested in getting started on your car’s upgrades, it can be a good idea to take a look at the bigger picture. It may feel overwhelming at first, especially if you haven’t done upgrades before, but think about some of these basic additions you can make to your vehicle to get started.


One of the most important places to begin focusing your efforts when you start to upgrade your vehicle, a quality variety of performance tires can do absolute wonders for your vehicle. Many modders argue that it is the most important change to make to your vehicle because of the sheer stability and versatility a good pair of tires can offer. If you like the way your car drove when you bought it, just grab a new pair of tires from your manufacturer. If you live in a wintery area, you could get winter tires for especially adverse conditions. No matter your driving goals or destinations, the right pair of tires will get you there.

Engine Tuning

Take the time to tune your engine as well. Though older engines offer much more modification variety than modern ones, there are still elements that can be adjusted to better suit your driving needs. The engine computer, and especially the most widely used ECU variety, can be modified with either a flash tune or a piggyback tune. Both are designed to intercept input signals and adjust according to the driver’s wishes.


Playing around with the exhaust can be an important aspect to your upgrading experience as well. Make sure to keep the catalytic converter where it is, but adjust the mechanical components themselves to establish a greater auditory experience. The right type of engine can generate much more feedback, allowing you to stay in tune with your vehicle when you are pushing it to the limits. As your exhaust system becomes more efficient, your pistons will have less work to do, and your car will run more effectively and quickly. Consider working with a cat-back exhaust, and add more components as you start to ease into the modification process.

Other Additions

Among the easiest modifications that you can make to your vehicle include any variety of superficial additions. These can include playing around with the sound system and introducing new electronic devices to your vehicle. For those who are going to be modifying their pickups can take a look at ute trays as a way to optimize the space in the back. If you are upgrading your car for work, such space expanding upgrades can be a life-saver. Play it by ear and think about what you will use the vehicle for the most to guide these upgrades.

Any project will need to be personalized. Always consider your vehicle’s needs first when you upgrade, as not all vehicles are built to handle the same systems. Prioritize through functionality first, and always take the time to add a personal flair to your project. Whether you want a car that is just plain old fun to drive or something that you will use for your work, these upgrades can help your car get there.

Lizzie Weakley

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