What You Need to Know About Medical Transportation Services

One of the main elements of the healthcare sector is the provision of medical transportation services (MTS) for patients who need to get to and from medical appointments and services but do not have access to adequate transportation. Providers of medical transportation recognizes the need for patients that require special care who do not have a mode of transportation as well as patients who need to travel long distance and cross state lines for medical purposes.

Medical transportation services can come in the form of providing long distance medical transportation in Michigan for beneficiaries of health care or they can also come in the form of specialized transport such as wheelchair transportation and stretcher vehicles which are designed to maximize both comfort and safety for the beneficiary.

Medical transportation services cover a broad range of services and when you are looking into contracting a company to aid in the provision of transport for a patient, there are a few key elements that you need to keep in mind.

Service Area

Different companies have different geographical coverage and if yourself or the beneficiary needs transportation to a particular state, then its best to ensure that the MTS you are looking at covers the areas you need to get to, especially if they are not bordering states. For example, you should not have a difficult time getting long distance medical transportation in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as they are all connected.


One big misunderstand that needs to be cleared up is that an MTS is NOT a taxi service. That being said, not all MTS’s are created equal and some provide better quality care for the beneficiary than others. Here are some question you should be asking before you contract the services of an MTS:

  • Are the vital signs of the patient monitored throughout the entire transport?
  • If the patient requires bathroom assistance, will the on-board bathroom be sufficient and will the patient receive assistance?
  • If the patient needs his or her dressings changed as per physician’s orders, are the vehicles equipped to handle the changes?
  • Does the MTS provide an update of the patient’s condition to the family throughout the transport?
  • How well does the MTS communicate with hospitals and facilities in order to coordinate arrival and departure logistics?
  • Are the staff of the MTS qualified and do they administer any necessary medication for the duration of the transport?

The Vehicles

As stated above, an MTS is not merely moving a person from one place to another which is why you need to enquire about the vehicles which are used to transport patients between facilities. This is particularly important if the patient requires any specific equipment such as access to wheelchair transportation or a stretcher. For longer distance routes, an MTS will usually use a larger vehicle that comes with high roofs and long wheel bases. Vehicles for long distance medical transportation are usually more spacious and come equipped with an on-board bathroom, stretcher for the patient and sometimes a bed for any accompanying family members.

Other things to keep in mind when enquiring about the MTS vehicles include:

  • Are the drivers licensed and experienced to handle medical emergencies?
  • Do the vehicles have all necessary medical equipment such as oxygen equipment, airway management equipment, cardiac monitors and first aid supplies?
  • Do the vehicles have any extra amenities such as free Wi-Fi and TV for long distance journeys?


Last but not least you will want to ensure that the MTS has a strict hiring policy with its drivers. Driving for a MTS requires more than just competent driving skills. In addition to having a solid driving history, drives should possess technical and industry experience and skills, as well as have a host of qualifications which includes basic healthcare such as First Aid and CPR certifications.


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