What You Should Know About Carpets Steam Cleaning?

The term “carpets steam cleaning” usually distinguishes water-based methods of cleaning carpets from other types of dry cleaning carpet methods as seen in certain professional companies. One thing the user must understand is that the steams do not clean the carpet, but it is the detergent that is applied with the machine for steam which makes the cleaning work. This is the method used irrespective of the user purchasing a machine, renting out a machine, or hiring out a professional cleaner to clean the carpets. One more thing to understand is that cleaning companies that use dry chemical cleaners use a little amount of water as well.

Carpets Steam Cleaning

Carpets steam cleaning, also known as carpet shampooing, typically does not require any kind of professional equipment. This does not have any toxic risk that is usually associated with carpet cleaning that is dry. Since water is also used, it usually does not take a lot of time for the carpets to be dried and used. For many people, the wait for a cleaning and using the carpet is worth all the worry.

How to Go About Steam Cleaning?

It is very important for the customer to know the art of vacuuming the carpet before proceeding with the carpets steam cleaning. To go about this some of the steps to be followed are-

  • All the toys, books, and items should be picked up from the floor.
  • All the furniture should be removed. If this is not possible, the smaller items like floor lamps should be moved and taken to a different room.
  • The baseboards should be dusted carefully. If this is not done properly the dirt gets transferred back to the baseboard.
  • The crevice attachment that is located around the wall base and remaining furniture should be used efficiently.

The carpet vacuuming should be done in two directions. It means that cleaning should be carried out in two directions. The first dash should be carried out in one side and then moved again at a 90-degree angle. Even though this method looks like overkill, the fibers in the carpet are twisted and turned. This ensures that every fiber of the carpet is cleaned properly.

How is the Carpets Steam Cleaning Process performed?

If the customer is really concerned about the machine that is used for the cleaning process, then the cleaner should use the products recommended by the user. The products usually contain certain perfumes in them. Such products usually irritate asthma and allergies. The carpets are placed in the machine and then the detergents are applied to run the machine smoothly. This is the first step of washing. For the second round, a mixture of boiling water and white vinegar is used. This mixture is an excellent choice for removing stains. Also, the second round of washing ensures that the carpets get deodorized.

Carpets Steam Cleaning

How Often Should the Carpets Steam Cleaning Be Performed?

This should be carried out at the least once a year. If the house contains pets, children, or has extensive foot traffic, then carpets steam cleaning services should be done very frequently. Most carpets that are available in the market are resistant to stains, which means that the carpet manufacturer has designed in such a way that the carpets don’t get stained. One more important point to understand is no carpet is completely stain proof. With the passage of time, the carpet fibers usually catch dirt, bacteria, and oils, which in turn discolour the materials and create unpleasant odors and stains. Some tips and tricks can be used to avoid stains and these can be passed over to the other members of the family.

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