Which are the Most Important Things When Moving Furniture

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to have your furnishings and big objects transported to the new house in their perfect conditions. If you do everything by yourself from the packing of the removal boxes, to loading and unloading of the van – you definitely have to consider a multitude of other important factors. Next are included a few of them, as well as tips about what to watch when moving big heavy objects.

Let`s begin with the Dos:

– Choose the way for your relocation at least a month before the moving date. This will give you plenty of time to call a furniture removals company or to find the most appropriate rental van for the move. Take your free time to go through all the options, because the biggest and heaviest objects are usually easily vulnerable to breaking, scratching, malfunctioning and other damages.

– Inspect the condition of the furnishings before preparing them for the move. Make a checklist or an inventory sheet and include a special column only for the condition of the items. One it will help sort and organize the items in the van, and two it will give a better insight into the condition of the items after the move.

– Get yourself a number of removal boxes with different sizes, volumes and from different materials. Ask your removal agency whether they offer rental boxes or complimentary services like recycling or money return for the unused boxes. If you search for a cheaper opt – a better idea is to deal with the packing by yourself and to hire only a removal van. In this case, you are the driver too and you are responsible for the safety of the big and heavy furnishings.

– Protect the most vulnerable parts and areas of the furnishings. From heavy-duty tapes, extra wrappings, bubble wraps and others, to thick card boxes, edge protectors or plastic boxes with handling stripes – take care about the protection of your furnishings in the boxes themselves.

– Dismantle all possible furnishings. It may take a little bit more time too, but it is definitely worth it. The dismantled furniture require smaller boxes and wrappings, as well as more comfortable for handling and lifting. This adds points to the safety of the items.

Also take care about the Don`ts:

– Don`t rush in the last moment of the moving day with tightening or changing the location of the furnishings and the boxes. Take your free time to do it at least a couple of days before the moving day, which will give you more time to supervise the activities at the moving day.

– Avoid the contact between the big and heavy objects with the floor of the van. If you try to move a heavy object by pushing it or by dragging it while on the floor, you risk to scratch the floor and to damage the furniture as well. That`s why a great tip is to use gliding blankets or always handle the big heavy furniture with helpers.

– Don`t wait for your helpers to come and get started right from the heavy lifting. This is a guarantee to mark the walls and the doors with the sharp edges of the furnishings. Avoid the risk from indentations by supplying your helpers with gloves for heavy lifting, as well as show them the milestones that they should watch. Where are the stairs, the width of the doors, the distance to the front door or whether there any obstacles on the route to the van.


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