Why HPI Clear is Important for Those Buying in the Used Car Market

One of the most important things that you can do when you are going to purchase a used car is to obtain a clear oversight of its past history. It can be easy to check over a second-hand vehicle and take it for a test drive, but there is no way of knowing the vehicle’s past just by looking at it from outside. It could have a hidden secret that comes back to haunt you down the line – this could be a costly repair or even the police showing up and informing you that the car you have just acquired is stolen.

The used car market is filled with fraudulent sellers and scams. It is for this reason that it is essential that you get an HPI Check carried out – this uncovers the automobile’s history by obtaining information from various industry bodies. If the vehicle is given an HPI Clear status, this means that it has been given the seal of approval and there is no adverse data against the second-hand car.

HPI Check also looks at engine size, age, colour, mileage, number plates, car door and window plan etc. In order to check that the car you were sold matches the description given by the seller.

HPI Clear helps motorists to make intelligent decisions in the complex used car market and provides them with complete peace of mind. These are the areas that the report will show:

Zero Finance

Outstanding finance stays with the automobile, so the car could be repossessed if you purchase it with outstanding finance and are unaware of this. HPI Clear means that there is not an active agreement or a loan secured to the second-hand car.

Not Stolen

Sadly, HPI identifies 41 cars each day as stolen. When these automobiles are recovered by the police, they are returned to their owner and you are unlikely to get your money back. This status means that the car in question is not recorded as stolen on the Police National Computer. Also any outstanding finance left by the previous owner comes back to you and you are the one who must pay and be responsible for it.

Not Written-Off

HPI Clear means that the vehicle has never been classified as a write-off by an insurance company. Cars that have been repaired after being declared a total loss can be incredibly unsafe to drive and are best avoided all together.

Consistent Mileage Readings

Clocking is one of the most common used scams, but an HPI Check will look for any inconsistent readings and not pass as HPI Clear if any of these readings are questionable or look suspicious.

In order to confirm that the car is reliable and a wise investment to make, it is vital that an HPI Check is carried out. In addition to all of the above information, it can also highlight any major issues or problems that the car has had previously that you should be aware of. When it is given HPI Clear status, you get complete peace of mind regarding your purchased car.

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