Why Indo Western Maxi Dress are the Next Best Thing?

Maxi dresses in summer are extremely popular among the western women! It is loose and has a lot of room for leg space. Their characteristic flowy, floor length style is liked by many women to hide the imperfect features around the tummy. Let’s face it! We don’t have a six pack like the fashion models and we need to work it out to hide those bellies! Thankfully, a maxi dress is ideal for such a thing. The best part of a maxi dress is that, they can be worn by anyone at any age and at any occasion; be it an evening party, a vacation, the beach or even at a wedding, the style is endless!

History Revisited

The origin of a maxi dress can be traced back to the 1960s, when Oscar De la Renta designed an easy going high fashion dress for the elites. It was an epidemic in the fashion industry by the 1970s. But with the evolution of jumpsuits and miniskirts slowly the regal elegant dress faded away. Nowadays the dress is back in fashion and forms an essential wardrobe piece of every women.

A very popular Hollywood film, Doctor Zhivago in general contributed a lot to popularizing maxi dress among the masses. The style worn in the film is not the maxi as we now know, but the floor sleeping maxi style gowns, which eventually led to the modernization of fashion. The Vogue magazine also took the maxi to the height of fashion.

How to Style a Maxi Dress

Coming back to the modern times, indo western maxi dress has become very popular all over India. This is more of a casual style, where Indian prints like Ajrak, Block print techniques, Batik and other styles are being used. Use of Indian textile is heavy on the style and surprising it look wonderful! Although the concept is western Indian touch and feel suits perfectly with the dress.

In such situation styling is something that you should be pro in. Firstly, maxi dress elongates the length of your body making it look slimmer. To further slim down the effect always try to wear long earrings with maxi dresses, preferably with open loose hair. For those who are already very lean, adding a wide belt can add a good touch to the look. Look for leather or embroidered waist belts that are worn over the outfits. Heavier women can also add slim belts at times. Thirdly, since it is an indo western dress, carrying a clutch or a western style cross body bag can add some value to the look. If you plan on wearing a maxi dress to a picnic in the winter months, a cool jacket will also make it look very smart. Combine an Indian print maxi with a solid colour western jacket; the amalgamation of two styles will be ideal! Even the most conservative Muslim community can wear this dress with a hijab, it looks amazing and in fact is a very popular choice of Iranian women living in the UK.

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