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Why It Is Hard To Trust People?

There are too many fake people living among us. And it is hard to figure them out. This makes it hard to know whom to trust and whom not to. So just live around by protecting your secrets.

We are living in a world full of liars, traitors, insensitive and greedy people. And the worst of it is how to figure them out. Because you can not probe into their hearts and know if they can be trusted.

The people who claim to love us are the same people who betray us. So trusting anyone in an age like this is very difficult. Some of us find it so hard to trust people; even those in our inner circle. This is because human beings are unpredictable.

Today a condition or a circumstance will let him say “Yes.” The following day he will say “No.” So in order not to go through the pains of betrayal, you have been advised not to trust anyone. Oh yes, not even your wife, parents, or best friends. Why? Because they are just humans full of flaws.

What People Are Doing Against Trust Issues

Now, many have realized that sharing their deepest secrets makes them vulnerable to blackmailing, victimization, and other forms of harassment. So sharing secrets is very though.

Due to the risks involved people have taught themselves about how to keep deep secrets to themselves while they distrust in people. I mean they don’t trust anyone for whatever reason. Because “trusting” someone is more like a kind of commitment.

They will rather sit on their own feelings whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. Because if they do not tell anyone, nobody will know about it.

Why It’s Hard To Trust Your Partner

Trusting something with your heart means a whole lot. It is a covenant to stand in front of the Church, court, or any place of marriage ceremony to exchange vows and later file for divorce.

It’s been happening around us. The one who says to love you alone will commit adultery.  Why did you even trust him/her?.

It is so hard to understand why some people could betray someone’s trust. The pains might be unbearable so people would rather refuse to trust more, love more, or be opened on a lot of issues.

The adulterous man/woman would always lie that he/she is faithful until the last day you catch him/her red-headed.

What Everyone Wish About Sharing Confidential Information

It is very hard to spot out a traitor. Because they are snakes in the grass. And since it is hard to know their intentions; people believe there should be instant karma for those who break people’s trust.

Victims are therefore looking out for some of the best ways on how to make wishes come true. And what are they going to wish for their betrayers? Karma of course.

Because anyone who trades with people’s innermost secrets must be punished. And cases where they can not be punished; it is advisable to stay away from them.

We all have what we call privacy or personal boundaries. And they must be respected by everyone. However, there are a few people who are exceptional. If you ever find one — then you must be very grateful. But whatever the case is; you must learn not to trust too much.

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