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Why Your Kids Love Candy

When we become adults, most people drift away from their childhood candy addiction. Indeed, some grown people no longer consume the product at all. You might wonder why kids love it so much, and so we’re going to break it down for you this morning. Your kids love candy for a number of different reasons, some of which might not be so obvious. Once you’ve discovered why your children love candy so much, perhaps you might like to look through the infographic. It highlights some interesting information about the history of the candy industry.

Candy contains lots of sugar

Kids need lots of energy for the day, and so they are drawn towards candy because of the high amounts of sugar in those products. As most of you will know, too much sugar can make them hyper for a while before they crash.

Candy is sweet and tasty

Compared to vegetables and other foods you put in front of your kids, candy is very sweet and tasty. So, it is no wonder they are inclined to want it so often.

Candy is marketed well

Candy manufacturers know the bulk of their target market is made up of young children. That is why they use savvy and creative marketing techniques to make their product appeal to the younger generation. While adults realize when an advert is encouraging them to want something, children often don’t.

Having learned a little more about why your kids love candy, you should now check out some of the best and most sold products on the market. They are mentioned alongside interesting facts on the infographic.

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