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Winter Nail & Hair Care Tips

6787995389_b152858ed3_oHealthy hair and healthy nails indicate that you are healthy in general. If you are not well, the hair becomes dull and lifeless and the nails start to break off and they have white spots and lose the healthy pink color. Harsh weather that comes with winter will affect the hair and the nails. Keep them healthy and good looking by following these tips and tricks and have them ready for the winter period. Think about these things as the winter arrives.



In order for the hair to be good and healthy, you need to make sure that your diet has all the ingredients and all the things you need for nice and amazing hair. In order for your diet to be good, it needs to be balanced and to contain a lot of antioxidants and a lot of fibers and proteins. Proteins are found in lean meat, milk, eggs and legumes. Fibers and antioxidants are found in fresh vegetables and fruit. Also, cayenne peppers and supplements based on them improve the circulation that is essential for the hair growth.


Winter is the time when you need to make sure that you use the products that nurture and feed your hair extra. If you are satisfied with the products that you are using, you can improve the nourishment of your hair with oil packing that you can make yourself. Use argan carrier oil and combine it with essential coconut oil. Apply once a week during the winter months.


Use hats and shawls to cover up your hair when the winter comes. Keep it dry and keep it protected from the snow, rain, wind and temperatures that dry if off. The materials need to be natural and they should not damage the hair further.



Just like with hair, nails need certain foods to stay strong and hard. Proteins and vitamins play an important role in the nail nourishment. Vitamins responsible for good nail care are vitamins D and A. Also, nails need to have enough collagen and calcium in order to look great.


Today, you can buy a nail polish that is not just decorative, but it also feeds the nails. These are easily found today and they are amazingly good for winter care of your nails. However, if you want to improve on this, you can make homemade packing for hands and nails that will nurture the skin on your hands as well as the nails. Soak the hands on the mixture of essential oils and carrier oils and leave it for an hour. Also, before showering and bathing, apply Vaseline on your hands generously so that it rules out the effects of soap and water.

External Factors

Gloves, mittens and pockets of your coat are fashionable, trendy and very good for keeping your nails and hands away from the devastating effects of the winter. Keep your hands warm and don’t expose them to harsh winter winds and other weather conditions that are unfavorable for them

Besides these things, you need to keep those nails manicured and regularly clipped. Maintain the cuticle as well and keep them a bit shorter during winter. Try not to overuse the nail polish remover as it dries the nail and can damage it. Also, always have a hand lotion in your bag or near you. Apply it after every hand washing and keep your nails hydrated. The best is to stop using the scented lotions as those chemicals are also responsible for dryness of nails. Try avoiding them, at least during winter.



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