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Young Mom’s Confession: From Dates to Diapers

So many teenagers and women in their early twenties get pregnant. Some pregnancies are planned and unfortunately, there’s a growing number that’s not. In either case, being a mother at a young age is challenging most of the time. It is a transition from dates to diapers. In this article, we will talk more about how a young mom copes up with serious motherhood.

How Young Moms Cope Up With Motherhood

  1. Pray

As people often say, when all else fail, the best thing is to pray. Many young moms turn to their moms to ask for help. But when things go certainly wrong and even their parents cannot be of help, praying would lead them to focus on the things that are most important. It helps to stay calm and stay focused amidst a nerve-racking cry of the baby. Tasks of a mom may be overwhelming and your commitment may be stretched to the limit, but the kid makes it worth it. A network of support from the church or neighborhood friends always lightens the load and gives a lift.

2. Sleep

Young Mother Kissing InfantAfter a long and tiring day of taking care of the baby, young moms are considerably young and need sufficient hours of sleep to regain the energy lost. Sleeping is key to maintain good health in nurturing the child. Some young moms are working moms and in this case, it will be ideal to find time at work to take power naps of about 15 to 20 minutes during the day.


Being a mom does not require having to be awake for the entirety of the day. You may be on-call 24/7 to attend to your baby’s needs. Despite that, you need to realize that your body also has its own needs. Sleeping makes your body fit and strong and this in turn affects your physical and mental being.


  1. Stay Positive


The least a young mom would want is to overemphasize being at a state of anxiety. Taking care of a baby is no joke. Good parenting takes a lot of skills, effort and empowerment. Staying positive will be a great help as this is a matter of keeping oneself confident about strengths and capabilities. Life goes on after delivering a child.

If you have turned as a young mom, you may still continue your studies. While most women drop out of school to concentrate on being a parent after giving birth, it will still be great if you can attend school. You may be interested in an information technology course in the Philippines. Finishing and graduating from studies will give you a sense of pride and more positivity for the years to come. It will be an honor for your child to know that his mom has completed a course in college.



Young moms are usually alone and isolated but it does not have to be the same case for you. Contact friends for support and they will surely lend a hand and hear you out. All babies deserve to be taken care of. Young moms must offer the best they can do to benefit their child. If you are too young to take care of your baby, this is not the time to back out from the responsibility. There are plenty of resources you can read and groups you can reach out to for help.


Ianna Reign Stevenson

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in London, England. She is a young mother of a 3 year old toddler and a working mom. Connect with her on Twitter @iannareign.

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