4 Great Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic’s Birthday

For fitness fanatics, some of the greatest gifts are those that offer an appreciative nod to their fit lifestyle. If your fitness-loving friend, family member or child has a birthday coming up, look to these types of gifts first. By giving suitable gifts to fitness lovers, you show that you really care and that you respect their healthy choices. Here are four great ideas that are sure to please even those who seem to have all they need for their fitness goals.



A t-shirt can be a special gift for your fitness fanatic if it depicts their favorite activity or sports team, or if it has an inspiring quote. Specialty shops like DHDWear should have what you’re looking for, or at least help you get an idea of what you want to get. Look for high-quality shirts of breathable or moisture-wicking fabrics. If you aren’t sure of the gift recipient’s size, keep the gift a surprise by finding someone you know who has a similar build and ask them what size of t-shirt they wear.


Cooling Towel

These are made from special synthetic materials that hold water and dry out differently than normal cloth or terry towels in order to maximize the evaporative cooling effect. They are placed in water, wrung out slightly and (usually) worn around the neck. Cooling towels are helpful accessories for cooling off during or after exercise or any other hot activity indoors or outdoors. Even if the fitness fanatic in your life already has one, they can never have too many. Look for them online or at fitness and sporting goods sections of large department stores.


Customized Water Bottle

Your fitness buff might already own a water bottle, but that doesn’t mean he or she won’t appreciate a special customized one. You can order these from many places around the internet. Personalize the bottle with their name or initials, for keeping better track of it at a fitness center, or customize it with a special quote or even artwork. Choose a bottle that is durable and made from non-toxic materials, such as stainless steel or BPA-free plastic.


Healthy Care Package

Proper nutrition is essential to any fitness plan. To create a healthy treat care package, pick a suitable container first. This can be a simple basket or even a bonus gift in itself, such as a nylon fanny pack. Next, choose a selection of healthy snacks that can be consumed on the go or after a workout. These can include things such as protein bars, protein drinks, trail mix, dried fruits, and canned nuts.


Presenting these gifts creatively makes them extra special. For example, you can combine gifts and wrap them together in fun ways. For the customized water bottle, try stuffing it with fun, healthy snacks—perhaps even energy bars, for their run later. Instead of gifting them a T-shirt in a box, disguise it by putting it inside of a large jar or other container to keep them guessing. If you know them well, and you have the time, you could even send them on a short scavenger hunt for their gifts—this will make their present a gift and an experience.


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