Why Don’t Dig Yourself Out Of Couch And Run For A Better Life?

There is an old saying goes that “eat like a pig but refuse to be big”. Perhaps most of us have ever thought of being slender and slim just by refusing to “eat like a pig” and being on a diet. But actually running in a proper way is among the top ways to get fitness.

Athletes run for gold metals, super models run for statue-liked shape and policemen run for protecting the world. The one and only common point for these great people is that they all run to get health and better lives. So why don’t you dig yourself out of sofa and run?

In this paper, we are quite willing to inform you the benefits for running in different aspects, in order to get you prepared for a long-term running plan.

  1. Physical benefits

+ Benefits for organs

For couch potatoes and employees, students who are always sitting and being stuck in one gesture, the biggest problem will be “bluntness” in organs. Cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae will get strained, the heart will get blood insufficiency. In this sense, running properly (not too fast and too long, not in extreme climate or altitude) will help build a healthy organ system in spine, liver and heart and also the respiratory system. When you run, steady and regular breath will enhance the lung function, and it will be easy for you to get rid of serious influenza.

+ Benefits for skeleton

Bones grow as we grow up. Although we know that bones are hard and solid, we still could not be absolutely sure that bones won’t get fractured. Especially for teenagers and aged people, bones are fragile as gypsum. In this sense, running is quite helpful with the bones growing. Running needs the bones to bear certain physical strength and also bear long time physical exercise. In this way running helps increase bone density which will be a big benefit for aged people. Also running helps teenagers grow taller and stronger.

  1. Psychological benefits

According to a survey led by Tina D, cognitive competence is closely related to doing sports during one’s lifetime. The survey shows that people who are always sitting without regular physical movements get worse cognitive function in one’s midlife. And that would be a good reason to prove that physical activities, like running, are beneficial to improve people’s reaction capacity and cognitive competence.

And running is also helpful for brain relax, if you are tired working or reading whole day, why don’t just go out for jogging?

  1. Fitness benefits

How to get fitness efficiently and healthily? That’s a question concerning almost everyone. Being slim and fit is not only for being prettier, but also for a balance shape. Running helps improve metabolism, blood circulation and growing ability of cells. These are all very crucial for people to keep fitness and get slim shape. For overweight people, jogging properly will help better than running too fast considering the cardio endurance.

  1. Tips for running
  • Do not run with stomach too full or too empty. Make sure you run when you have digested what you eat.
  • Do not drink cold water or beverage when running.
  • Make great preparation before running in case of muscle strain.
  • Do not run with your head down, try to balance your body and mind your gesture.
  • Do not stop suddenly after running. Try to walk a while for the body to adapt the pace.
  • Know what you need to take with yourself when you are going running.


We have listed several benefits of running properly. But no matter how many benefits it has, running will only help when you run regularly in long term. So just make your own plan and stick to it every day. You can check out HERE for a better running.

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