5 Thai Beauty Secrets Exposed Right Now

If you have ever seen Thai women, you will instantly be taken aback by how beautiful they are and how great their skin and hair looks. While a lot of the natural beauty will come down to their genes, Thai women also have a number of their own secrets when it comes to looking young, healthy, and attractive.

In a nutshell, it is their simplicity of life and staying away from many of the bad foods that really helps them with their beauty. Of course, they do also cheat a little with beauty products but because of their lifestyle choices, they already have a very good base to work off.

Here are some of the reasons why Thai women look so beautiful:

Their Diet

A lot can be said of the healthy diets Thai people eat. Unlike in the west, they will eat a lot of rice combined with fish, seafood and fruits and vegetables. They tend to avoid fatty meat as much as possible as they have strong beliefs it is unhealthy and can lead to an increase in weight.

Additionally, they eat more times a day but with smaller portions. This ensures their stomachs are never stretched and that body gets all the vitamins and nutrients consistently throughout the day.

Even Their Drinks

Women in Thailand love their water and will rarely be seen drinking soda. They also like to drink some fruit juices and green teas. Coffee is something else healthy Thai women tend to avoid as much as possible. Green tea, in particular, is known for its health benefits and the benefits it has on the skin especially.

As Thailand is also very Chinese there are plenty of Chinese herbal medicines and drinks around Thai women. This is something that is actually found in nearly all Thai households and as such it is convenient to take advantage of having these drink around. Many of them have detoxification elements that work as anti-toxins in the body. Making the inside of your body clean and clear from toxins affects the skin.

In short, we all know that staying hydrated is very good for the skin, but on top of this, by detoxifying your body and getting rid of toxins, you are giving your body the tools to stay healthy on the inside which then reflects on the outside, which is most notably the skin.

Their Beauty Regimes

This does not just extend to what they put on their face, skin and in the hair but also to the other measures they take to stay healthy and looking great. They are known for their massages which can reinvigorate the body while they even make their own homemade face masks using papaya.

As for the products Thai women use, these are usually full of coconut oil. As one of the most popular ingredients in the country when it comes to beauty products, coconut oil is known for its exception nourishing and moisturising benefits. It can be found in all kinds of beauty products including face and hair masks, face creams, and in moisturizers.

Anti-Aging Creams

Thai women are also fanatics when it comes to beauty creams. The one thing you can almost guarantee is that all Thai women keep their skin hydrated. With the hot weather this is very important because the skin can dry out very easily. The idea is that you know your skin type and that you use the correct beauty creams to ensure that your skin is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs as well as the correct amount of moisture.

Getting your skin cream wrong can end up having a negative effect on your skin. This is something that all Thai women know and talk about. Therefore, from a young age they are taught and told about their skin type and as a result you can see the natural beauty Thai women possess just by looking at their perfect skin complexions.

Free From Alcohols and Smoke

The majority of Thai women do not drink or smoke. In fact, in Thai culture it is frowned upon when a woman smoke. Whereas men in Thailand tend to smoke, women do not. The same applies to alcohol. Although many tourists may interact with a few Thai women that indulge in cigarettes and alcohol, this is just a small 1% of the female population.

Beauty the Thai Way

As you can see, they do not do anything ground-breaking to stay looking young and beautiful in Thailand. All of it is natural and by taking good care of their body both on the inside and out. A good diet, plenty of water and not smoking and drinking are taught at a young age in Thailand and you can see from the women that these can deliver results.

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