5 Ways To Customize Your Next Interior Design Project

Interior design projects can be a ton of fun, a great learning experience, and a fantastic way to improve the look of your home. But it’s also important to consider just how custom of a process you want it to be. For instance, there’s lots of ways to just basically copy and paste an interior design scheme from somewhere else, or even have a professional work from a template they create.

But, if you have the time, financial reason, or inkling to do your own custom work, there are definitely great ways to accomplish that, including initially hiring a custom designer, doing some deep searching on Pinterest, making your own artwork, picking a theme for the project, and possible making it a group project.

Hire a Designer

And even though it’s your customization ideas, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hire a designer to get you started. By hiring a professional, you’ll get top notch advice about what’s possible, what works, what doesn’t, and how much things will cost, so that you don’t have to worry about making mistakes before you’ve even gotten started!

Do Some Deep Searching On Pinterest

Pinterest is the place to go when it comes to custom interior design ideas, but just remember that since you’re on a customization kick, only take parts and pieces from each idea, and don’t steal anything wholesale. Much of what you’re looking for will actually be in terms of techniques as well, rather than completed projects. You want to know how to do interior design, not what to do. That distinction will make a big difference on how you approach different articles and resources that you find.

Make Your Own Artwork

One of the best ways to get truly customized interior design going for you is to start with your own created artwork. This could either be something that you or a family member or friend painted, or perhaps even a photograph that you took, blew up, and got framed professionally.

Pick a Theme for the Project

And one thing that can go awry quickly when doing custom work is that items and processes can get cluttered and mismatched. To avoid this, at the beginning of your project, choose a theme and stick with it. It could be a color theme, or a shape theme, or a texture theme – just some aspect of everything to keep the whole idea flowing. Once again, you can find themes online, but be sure to approach it from an angle that eventually that belongs to your own viewpoint.

Make It a Group Project

And the last way to make sure your next design project is totally custom is to make it a group effort. Let everyone in your household make some decision or add something to the mix, and that way everyone will be happy with the way it turns out. Especially if you’re approaching from a DIY angle, letting everyone in on the process is a great way to do some family bonding as well.


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