8 Fashion Rules Every Man Needs To Know

Every man would like to dress well. But what works for one may not necessarily work for another, when it comes to fashion.

With menswear becoming more rich and varied, there are lots of options to confuse you. It won’t be so if you follow some of these rules that have worked for generations now. You might be aware of a few of these; but there are many you should keep in mind to make sure you look and feel your best, at all times.

Rule #1: Wear your suit well

Fit is the one thing that can make you look good in a suit. Buying off the peg is definitely an option. But make sure it fits you well at the shoulders. It should be relatively easy to get it altered at the chest and the waist.  Finally, it is the way you wear a suit that matters; it’s not about the label inside.

Rule #2: Choose your watch right

A watch might seem like an aesthetic and functional accessory, but it still has to fit you. It should be of the right size and depth and you have to feel comfortable while wearing one. Rugged sports model watches are good for everyday wear and go with anything.

Rule #3: Don’t Shy Away From Color

There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of color to your outfit, whether you choose formal wear or casual wear. Most men stick to only grey and navy when it comes to dressing. But there are also other colors such as greens, pinks, mustard and the brighter shades of blue that can give a lift to your outfit. However, less is always more when it comes to color. So make sure you don’t go too overboard.

Rule #4: Wear Jeans Your Style

Jeans can be termed as the most popular garment in the world. You can wear it with almost anything all year round. Slim-tapered, Boot cut, straight, skinny, loose, and flared – you have a lot of options to choose from. Make sure you wear what you are comfortable with and age with it.

Rule #5: Maintain your clothing

When you have spent so much thought and money on your clothing, it is your responsibility to look after it too. Get some wooden hangers to hang your shirts. Wash your clothes regularly and make sure you don’t tumble dry them. Get your suit pressed and dry-cleaned. Keep your shoes polished.

Rule #6: Go simple on shoes

The simple design is the best for shoes. You don’t want any fuss with the sole, the pattern, or the color. Opt for a classic style and go for good quality. Avoid square and pointy toes as they might look impractical. Round toes are always the best.

Rule #7: Minimize those accessories

Ties and pocket squares should always be a shade darker than your jacket. Keep your accessories to a minimum of one or two and make sure they are in harmony with your outfit.

Rule #8: Dress for the occasion

Your clothes are like codes. You have to get the combination right according to the setting that you are in. For instance, what you wear for a lazy evening in the pub is not the same thing you would wear for a formal dinner. You have to find out what is appropriate for the environment before getting dressed. The last thing you want to do is look out of place.

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